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Monday, September 19, 2005

Alternative Forms of Digital Music

Alternative form of digital music is very famous among the youngsters as its hip-hop and fast which goes with the taste of the younger generation. They love to move fast in life so why not in music as well. Out of many Alternative music albums which entered the music scene in the early 90’s there are few I have listed here. These alternative music albums are fusion based and is blended with rock, folk, jazz, techno, shaking and off-course hip hop. These alternative music composers are very innovative as they believe in fusion and that’s why they use lot of modern instruments like guitar in combination with the traditional folk music. Few of these alternative digital music tracks are Blood sugar sex magic, Automatic for the people, August and Everything after, Freedom, Garbage and any many more. These alternative music composers are very good story tellers and give pleasant experience to the listener’s. The album called automatic for the people is a real relaxing experience. There are few vibrant groups also which is a hit amongst the younger. Alternative digital music is definitely a hit and will go a long way.

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