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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Digital Music - A Relaxing and Rejuvenating Experience

Music is a distinctive and very powerful form of understanding. Language is a form of communication which came into existence early in the Stone Age. So is music which is also considered as communication medium. It allowed the social groups to express their feelings and emotions in a very unique way. The modern music is tagged as digital music as things are digitized and this era is called as digital age. Music in the ancient time was more natural and our ancestors may have used stones or music for composing music. They made sounds with their vocal chord that has a blend of their emotions, feelings and lexis. Music is more than just words or melody. It’s apart of every culture and is considered an alternative form of communication which is very powerful. The psychological impact of music may excel any of the digital method of communication. It’s a part of the events like birth, love, political, social gathering and even in death. The right words or melody can create a magical effect on us. Some music pieces touch our heart or even remind us of some important memories. Without realizing it, we are attracted to those desires and feel happy. So digital music is really a relaxing and a rejuvenating experience. Digital music brings freshness to life and touches our emotions. This is the power of digital music. It’s in true sense the light of the soul.

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