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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Music an Excellent Therapy

Music therapists say that humans are musical beings. We communicate with each other in different pitches, rhythm and tones. Music is everywhere and we all have experienced it in some form or other. Music is a great healer as the elements of music are fundamental to the human condition and have the potential to be used in achieving the therapeutic goals. It can also be used to enhance physical, spiritual and emotional interests. Music therapy is a use of music or its elements by a skilled therapist, with its clients in order to promote communication, associations, learning and many other relevant remedial objectives. Music aims at developing potentials of the individuals so that the person can have a better quality of life through preventation, rehabilition or healing. Music therapy can be powerful way to help people express their feelings. It’s a creative form of therapy and is more beneficial than the traditional one. Creative music therapy includes use of music, art, games, dance etc.

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