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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Musical Vibrations for self Realization

Humanity is innately musical. Regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or nationality, music speaks to us all. Music rises above income level, social class, and education. Furthermore, music makes us cry, shiver, dance, sing and evokes sometimes happy and sometimes even painful memories. Evidently, music is often associated with the language of emotions. Yet, the great majority of experimental studies investigate music as a non-verbal language, rarely as the language of emotions. It is believed that an emotional interpretation of the music is highly personal, connected to individual experiences and not accessible to scientific research. So, to understand the relation between music and emotion it is important to identify clearly the intrinsic motivation to engage in musical experiences.

Various Musical experiences can be attained by the variety of collections of Musical Vibrations offered by Dr. Julie. These musical vibrations are very different from the regular music we hear. Digital Music increases inner peace and thus helps in attaining the self realization which is the main motive of the human birth.

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Sufi Music - Sacred Sounds

Music: The Beginning of Sufi Strains - I have put duality away, I have seen the two worlds are one; One I seek, One I know, One I see, One I call. He is the first, He is the last, He is the outward, he is the inward. Sufi Saying. With origins in the East, the source of Sufi music lies in the 3,000-years old and older Indian traditional music. Sufi followers, on the other hand, believe Sufism goes back in time beginning at the creation of Adam, Adam who is considered to be the first prophet. Influenced by different cultures over the course of time and history, Sufi music is a musical rite of passage used to centralise, awaken and activate the spiritual centers that lie dormant in every human being, a self-awareness of body and soul that helps to understand life.

Followers of Sufism believe that “everything was, and is created with, and from sound. Sound is a vibration like life, itself. Our world is composed of vibrating atoms, and when our body and soul are in harmony with the vibrations of the universe, then we are truly filled with an overwhelming, positive energy we call ‘Peace’.” Mercan Dede. As, it takes one on a spirited journey into the world of mysticism, Sufi music harmonises the vibrations between the inner and outer space of the listeners. It’s compellingly, intense rhythms and drum beats help clear the mind, and its chants challenge the listener. Passionately emotional, filled with deep yearning Sufi music is evocatively sensual, a combination of healing prayers, ceremonial devotion, fire journeys and remembrance. Affecting people deeply, it is the sound of healing, music that strives to bring a healthy balance between the inner sounds of the body e.g. the beating of the heart and the outer sounds i.e. sounds of nature and the universe.

Music: Chants & Song Prayers, A Sufi Healing - “The Soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The Soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.” Kahlil Gibran. Since time immemorial, spiritual music, chants and prayer songs of Sufi music have been used as instruments of healing. If you are looking for inner peace and harmony, Dr. Julie Trudeau recommends a CD track of Sufi Digital Music e.g. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Mercan Dede’s Journey of a Dervish or Sufi Dreams. Let their music help you become one with the rhythms of nature, let the human heart discover its connection to the cycles of the universe, the creator and his creations, music that brings on a spiritual trance, and imbues you with a spiritual ecstasy. And, a young computer software developer said: “…… it makes me happy and de-stresses me ……." As you listen to Sufi music, let it purify the mind of negative emotions i.e. depression, anger, hate, fear, lust, contempt, or the desire to hurt others. Instead, let feelings of love and compassion invoked by the rhythms and chants of Sufi music create a meditation space.

Man struggles to find life outside himself, unaware that the life he is seeking is within him.” Khalil Gibran. If you want more information on
digital music for inner mind and outer body healing, visit Dr. Julie Trudeau for some of the best in digital music, for sacred music to immerse yourself in an ocean of infinite love and divine compassion. Take a journey into the centre of your heart with Dr. Julie Trudeau's selection of digital music.

Digital Music: A tool to prompt your Emotions

Emotions are the integral components of living, acting and interacting organisms. The relation between emotions and music has occupied humans since ancient times and for many people, emotional experiences are the reason why they engage in music. It is widely assumed that music can express and also trigger emotions. However, in spite of intensive research in this area, one has not yet reached a sufficient understanding of the relationship between music and emotions.

Music can move us, make us cry, or bring intense enjoyment. Music can temporarily alter our existence. But the link between the art of music and the reality of human emotion is so difficult to comprehend that many musicians have stopped trying to explain it and have reverted to composing music that consist of disjointed and disconnected sounds with little relationship to human experience.

Dr. Julie brings you the various musical vibrations which will trigger the emotions of the individual that are deep inside the heart. These Digital music vibrations help in the self expressions and the emotional expression of the individual.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Digital Music: an art based on emotional understanding

Art is based on emotional understanding, on the feeling of the Unknown which lies behind the visible and the tangible, and on creative power, the power, that is, to reconstruct in visible or audible forms the artist’s sensations, feelings, visions and moods, and especially a certain fugitive sensation, which is in fact the feeling of the harmonious interconnection and oneness of ‘everything’ and the feeling of the "soul" of things and phenomena. ... an art which does not reveal mysteries, which does not lead to the sphere of the Unknown, does not yield new knowledge, is a parody of art, and still more often it is not even a parody, but simply a commerce or an industry.

The interpretation of emotional experiences and ‘emotional understanding’ is the aim of ‘art.’ In the combination of words, in their meaning, in rhythm, in music, in the combination of meaning, rhythm and music; in sounds, in colours, in lines, in forms - men create a new world and try to express in it that which they feel but cannot express and convey simply in words, i.e. in concepts. ... The combination of feeling and thought of high intensity leads to a higher form of inner life, define to define in ordinary language. Thus, in art we already find the first experiments in a ‘language of the future.’ And so Digital Music marches in the vanguard of inner evolution, anticipating the forms it is to assume tomorrow.

Music and digital Music is an inseparable and an essential part of Art. Get more information of Music and digital Music from Dr. Julie.

Music A Great Phenomenon

Music is a Phenomenon through which we can experience the harmony, pure feelings and it contributes to the state of higher consciousness and unity. Music is a science as a physical phenomenon. When receiving and perceiving music, the listener lives in two worlds - the physical world of resonance, where its sounds have a tangible existence as they impinge on our particular physical and mental nature and the metaphysical world of remembrance where its unheard vibrations activate an eternal memory of archetypes. The creation of music can be linked to the creation of all worlds.

Dr. Julie explains the phenomenon of various musical vibrations and rhythms that are present in the Digital Music helps in stress management, emotional development, spiritual development as well as physical development.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Heartfelt Music Collection

Love Poetry and Inspirational Prayer- a multi media cd - track 1 = 42 p by DR. JULIE TRUDEAU. This CD is Light-hearted, easy listening family entertainment! According to Dr. Julie this music generates the positive and assenting energies in celebration of the Divine Love of Life.

Dr. Julie Trudeau shares the intimacies of her heart & soul in the enjoyable & inspirational spoken word audio collection of love poems and inspirational prayer, The Hand of Faith. Track 1 contains a PDF e-Book lovingly illustrating the poems & prayers in color.

Dr. Julie is the mother of daughter, Belinda Grace and a new music solo instrumental artist blissfully presenting, the truly sensational Sonic Rainbow Siren musical instrument of vibrational attunement in an exacting, Pythagorean fashion, creating exacting harmonic vibrational sculptures for greater resonance with the magnanimous Music of the Spheres as in The Super Sonic Rainbow Shower instrumental with percussion or accenting her self help, guided creative visualizations in the Sonic Spectrum Attunements.

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Music Is A Magic Tool For Infants & Toddlers

Music can contribute to a soothing environment for infants and toddlers and they soon begin to sort out musical sounds from other sounds. Children are natural musicians, and exposure to music during the early years enhances the learning process by promoting language development, creativity, coordination, and social interaction. Caregivers can play an important role in incorporating music and movement into a child's life. It isn't necessary to play an instrument well or sing in tune to help young children appreciate musical sounds, and they should not be encumbered with the need to meet performance goals. In fact, music play (whether recorded or live) can be an enjoyable, developmentally appropriate activity regardless of musical aptitude.

Thus Music can greatly effect the development of the infants and toddlers. Dr. Julie describes the magical effect of Digital Music for development of not only the small children or infants but also the development of the mature person. Digital Music greatly helps in the physical, emotional psychological and spiritual development of the individual.

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Native American Music: Indigenous Wisdom

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.” Old Indian Saying. Native Americans believe that music was given to humans by the spirits as a way of communicating with the supernatural world; it is, primarily, a vocal art accompanied by drums, rattles, whistles and flutes. Native American music attuned to the Earth and the Spirit world is deeply spiritual music completely in harmony with Nature. Deriving its power from easy access to the spiritual realm, it is music that exerts a hypnotic influence on Native Indians who hear it from the heart, heartbeats in complete sync with the rhythm of the drums.

Seldom performed for its own sake, music for the Native Americans is a way of communing with the spirit world, used in courtship, healing, meditation, shamanic and spiritual rituals. Music is in the heart of the Indians who use it in prayer and chanting to heal the body, the mind and the soul. They believe that the drum carries the heartbeat of the Indian Nation and that of Mother Earth, and drumbeats bring together the physical / mental and spiritual / heart of the people, rejuvenating and balancing the person who participates in singing or dancing or simply listens to the drum (heart)beats.

Not only, scientists, psychiatrists too believe in the healing power of music. Carl Jung, celebrated psychiatrist testified that spirituality was essential for psychological health and only people with a spiritual perspective on life could be cured by him. Spirituality or the Latin “Spiritus” meaning “breath”, more likely refers to the “breath of life”. To be spiritual means to open out hearts, to see the sacred in the ordinary, to experience a passion for living, to feel the poignancy of life, to submit to a power that is greater than us. And, none knew that better than the First Nations of America. With their shamanic practices, chants, drumming, rain dances; they learnt compassion while enjoying good mental and physical health. Music heals as scientific studies prove almost every day.

A recent survey found a large number of doctors who believed music, meditation and other spiritual practices helped in medical treatment, incorporated these relaxation techniques in the treatment of stress, and other mind / body ailments. People and medical practitioners are increasingly turning to holistic healing for curing ailments when science fails to restore good health. Listening to spiritual music, chanting or beating a release of emotions on drums frees the demons, and initiates a healing that sustains.

The Native Americans with their respect for all living things and Mother Earth used music as part of important ceremonies and rituals from performing the rain dance for inducing rain, to battle dances, an imbuing of courage as Indian Warriors prepared for war to shamanic rituals consisting of chants and drums and songs that bring back physical and spiritual health by driving out the spirits that cause disease.

All music, spiritual and temporal is music therapy of the highest form, and "What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset." Crowfoot, Blackfoot Warrior / Orator. While, Dr. Julie Trudeau leaves you to chew on that bit of Native American wisdom, put on a digital music CD of rhythmic chants and drumming, the Native American version of the Gregorian Chants! You will have begun a journey of healing!

Music and Movement

From our childhood sounds and music become the source of communication as our learning starts from telling the stories and express our feelings through body movements. A child learns to imitate patterns of sound and rhythm and become aware of music in nature, for example whistling wind, chirping birds and crickets. Once children start to use their voices to sing, it becomes important for them to listen carefully. At this stage, children enjoy songs that ask them to move and swing around, jump, twist, and clap their hands. Children respond favorably to music that is familiar. Playing a recorded song several times as background music can boost familiarity and build vocabulary as the lyrics are learned. Inventing new verses for familiar songs and spontaneous singing as they play can help children understand that music is a form of creative expression.

Hence Music plays the major role in the verbal enhancement of the child. Dr. Julie explains that Digital Music can be used for the enhancement of a child with the various aspect of development of the personality. Digital Music helps in the various movements in the child and thus helping in the harmonious development of the personality.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Harmony in Religions with Digital Music

Every religion has a common base and that base to realize the existence of that unique power of the world. So it is very necessary to maintain a harmonious relationship of every religion. Harmony among religions is possible, provided we are willing to shift from religion to spirituality. The seed of communalism is inherent in religion as religion. One indication is the inner decay of religions indicated by the growing gulf between their scriptural ideals and the norms that shape the lives of religious communities. Our practical life contradicts the spiritual ideals we endorse in theory. The spirit of negativity dominates the inter-religious space and shapes religious attitudes though all religions recommend values such as generosity, selflessness and charity, increasingly people resort to religion only to secure limitless and unmerited advantages in this world and the next. It is this covetousness that fuels corruption in public life and communalizes politics. Selfishness is the source of injustice, cruelty and exploitation. Today the more religious zeal a person has the more selfish and heartless he is apt to be.

Digital Music helps in creating the harmony between the religions. Digital Music helps in the self development of the person and thus helps is the self realization and the realization of the supreme. Digital Music helps in uplifting the mind, opening the heart, growing your attitude of gratitude, building inner peace, contemplative meditation ideas, spiritual inspiration, faith fortification, praise & worship or simply celebrating the Sacred Love of Life.

For More Information of Digital Music visit Dr. Julie Trudeau.

The Power of Music as a Coping Skill

Using music in therapy can be a very powerful way to reach children, adolescents, and adults in the therapeutic setting. Music in therapy can be a powerful way to help people express their feelings. Creative therapy can reach people in ways that traditional therapy sometimes cannot.
Some of the therapist uses some very exciting and innovative techniques for use in therapy with children and adolescents. This therapy includes the use of music, art, games, dance, and anything else creative you can imagine.

Music Therapy uses the original music which takes a direct look at human emotion. The various songs used for the therapy focuses on topics such as depression, abuse, addiction, and so forth. Thus Music is the Magic Wand in the hand of the therapist who can heal the illness of all the people suffering from various ailments.

Get the information on Digital Music as a coping skill from Dr. Julie.

Music: Indian Healing

Indian Music: Historically Spiritual Continuums

"Despite predisposition in India's favor, I have to acknowledge that Indian music took me by surprise. I knew neither its nature nor its richness, but here, if anywhere, I found vindication of my conviction that India was the original source." Yehudi Menuhin. The sub-continent of India is not only the cradle of civilization but Indian music has a long and unbroken tradition that is the accumulated heritage of centuries tracing its roots far, far back in time, a time when there was nothing, and the Gods created the world from sound, the sound of OM. Indians believe sound to be the heart of creation, and therefore, OM is considered a sacred syllable that embodies the quintessence of the cosmos. Hindus consider it to be the “hum” of the atoms, the music of the celestial spheres as they revolve endlessly following their orbit’s path. They believe the sound OM to be the primeval force that holds the material world together. According to Alain Danielou, the ancient Hindus were aware of and had a general theory regarding sound relating to its physics and metaphysics, theories they used in medicine, physics and magic. “Its purpose is to unite one's soul and discipline one's body, to make one sensitive to the infinite within one, to unite one's breath of space, one's vibrations with the vibrations of the cosmos.” Yehudi Menuhin.

Indian Music: A Gift from the Gods

“Indian music has continued unperturbed through thirty centuries or more, with the even pulse of a river and with the unbroken evolution of a sequoitry.” Peggy Holroyde. Indians have since time immemorial practiced music not only as an art but also a spiritual science, a medium for mystical enlightenment. Indian legends believe that the Gods and the Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon were the creators and patrons of music. Saraswati, the Goddess of Art & Learning is represented as sitting on a white lotus while holding a Vina and Lute in one hand, playing the Vina with the other while holding an open book and a string of pearls. The Gods passed on this tradition of music to the Sages / Rishis to instruct mortal men in the art of music. In turn, man wove it into the ceremonial and spiritual ingredients of religious life, reciting and chanting mantras, a vital aspect of Vedic rituals through the centuries calling the highest musical experience “ananda” or “divine bliss”. Indian music, highly devotional in approach has an immensely calming appeal, removing daily stress as you shut out the material world and attempt to hear the hum of the atoms or the music of the spheres.

American virtuoso Sir Yehudi Menuhin has written: "We would find all, or most, strands beginning in India; for only in India have all possible modes been investigated, tabulated, and each assigned a particular place and purpose. Of these many hundreds, some found their way to Greece; others were adopted by nomadic tribes such as the Gypsies; others became the mainstay of Arabic music. Indian classical music, compared with our Western music, is like a pure crystal. It forms a complete perfected world of its own, which any admixture could only debase. It has, quite logically and rightly, rejected those innovations which have led the development of Western music into the multiple channels which have enabled our art to absorb every influence under the sun. Freedom of development in Indian music is accorded the performer, the individual, who, within fixed limits, is free to improvise without any restraint imposed externally by other voices, whether concordance or discordant - but not to the basic style, which exclude polyphony and modulation."

If that does not convince you about the therapeutic value of Music or Digital Music then visit Dr. Julie Trudeau. She would like to know about your musical experiences and whether her advice helped to alleviate the trials and tribulations of life! Leave your pugmark on her website as you experience “ananda” or “divine bliss”!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Get Enlightened with Digital Music

If you get even a hint of what enlightenment is, you'll give up everything for it. Because everything that isn't enlightenment keeps vanishing all the time. At this very moment there's hardly ground beneath our feet, and what ground there is, is vanishing as we speak. People think they're awake when they're walking around in the street, but actually they're asleep then, too. Awakening is when you see through it all-the dream when you're asleep and the one when you're "awake." Then you understand that the viewpoint we have of ourselves is based on a misconception-that because we perceive our personal experience as the ultimate reality when in fact it's not, we don't approach life as we should. That’s why we need enlightenment to straighten us out.

And to help is the path of enlightenment Digital-Music helps in a great way. Digital- music has the Love poetry and inspirational music that generates the positive energies in the human being and thus helps in the path of the attaining the enlightenment.

For more help and information of Digital Music, please visit Dr. Julie Trudeau

God says “ I love you all “ in the Rainbow

The rainbow is God’s upside down smile, don’t you know!

The trees are getting their hair washed in the raindrops flow.

God shows endless love in all things ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

but the resplendence of God’s Smile in the rainbow sings –

The Song of Love – The Anthem rings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nourishing & blessing everything ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Radiant reflection of the Living Light,

beautifying the clouds with visual delight~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Depending on where our eyes land,

The rainbows view is ever grand.

Glowing with the promise of Love’s Eternal Stand,

that we are always held in the Almighty’s hand.

Copyright 2005 Dr. Julie Trudeau

Latin Beats: A Passion for Life

Latin Music: Medley Fusions
Music is the outburst of the Soul.” F. Delius. The history of Latin music reflects an intricacy that has risen out of centuries of change, a complexity that arose from a fusion of diverse rhythms. Going back 500-years across 3-continents, the origins of Latin music lie in the villages of Africa that echoed with the sounds of ancestral rhythms, bata drums and Yoruba beats. From Africa, to Spain with its heartbreaking ballads and Moorish hints to the passion infused flamenco beats of the Gypsies, Latin music merged with musical influences from Africa, Europe and the indigenous Mayas, Aztecs and others of the Americas. Living in close proximity to each other, enslaved Africans, Native Americans and Spanish colonialists cross-fertilised each others music into a hybrid of creations i.e. the rumba, danzon, mambo, tumba, and more. An exciting fusion and Latin music was never the same, again. "Cuban music is a love affair between the African drum and the Spanish guitar." Unknown Poet.

Latin Music: An Outpouring of Emotions
“…..just as Jesus created wine from water, we humans are capable on transmuting emotion into music”. Carlos Santana. Latin music is an explosion of sound that can get the whole world dancing, it is music that goes back to the tribal celebrations in Africa’s jungles and emerges as the music played at modern day Cuba’s wild carnivals.
Digital Music that is now played in the world’s caliente hot nightclubs and discotheques as people cha cha, salsa, merengue, sizzling out their passions on the dance floor. An emotional baptism as they scorch the dance floor to the fiery beats of Latin music, music dance therapy that clears cobwebs from the mind, lifts the spirits and ignites a passion for living. Undoubtedly, a timeless cure as they shake the booty to Afro-Cuban rhythms and beats that spill from the congas, drums, timbales and Spanish guitars. "Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” Beethoven.

Latin Music: A Lasting, Healing Explosion
“God gave us Music that we might pray without words." Quote from outside an old opera house. And, it is not shamans or witch doctors that are recommending musical therapy these days, but doctors, psychotherapists, fitness instructions, who have never before been more vocal about the healing power of music, as they try to restore people to complete mental and physical health. Scientific experiments have found that music can help people suffering from motor disorders and mental illnesses i.e. Parkinson’s, schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. Across the globe, the ancient people of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Americas found music to be a form of creative, emotional expression as their body discovered its own rhythms. A discovery that empowered it with an inherent healing ability as music was created, heard or played out on drums or other musical instruments.

As the pressures of the contemporary world over-whelm, the ancient, healing wisdom of our ancestors is being used to treat modern-day stress related ailments.
Dr. Julie Trudeau recommends those below par should don their glad rags and sashay down to a Latin Club to salsa or meringue the night away. Or, put on a CD from the Latin Heartthrobs i.e. the Gypsy Kings, Santana, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesia, et al. "Thank you for that special music that delights those souls that live and dance, olé!"

Monday, October 24, 2005

Music and the Human Life

Music has a great effect on human development. We can do various treatments with the help of music. Music is an essential part of our life. Because music is processed in both hemispheres of the brain, music can stimulate cognitive functioning and may be used for remediation of some speech/language skills.

We use music to create desired moods-- to make us happy, to enjoy movement and dance, to energize, to bring back powerful memories Digital Music greatly affects our lives. It not only affects our feelings but our energy levels also. Without even thinking about it, we use digital music to create desired moods-- to make us happy, to enjoy movement and dance, to energize, to bring back powerful memories, to help us relax and focus. We can say that digital music is that powerful tool through which we can express our personal expressions within our daily lives..

For more details and help on Digital Music, Health Information and Stress Management Technique.Visit Dr Julie

Music – Language Of All People

Music has been called 'The International Language' - a very simple thought with much meaning behind it. Even if you can't speak the language of a country, you can move, sway, dance and most of all, enjoy the music of the country. We may not understand the words of a musical selection but we do understand the beauty.

Have you ever heard the saying, 'Music soothes the savage beast?' It's true. Music can calm and revitalize us in ways even a lengthy nap can't. Music holds the power to elevate our moods above our worries and relieve debilitating depression. It can also perk us up if we use it with exercise or dance.

Try listening to classical music or Digital Music for a sense of power. Soft lullaby-like music to unwind yourself, and medium-fast to fast selections for exercise and housecleaning.

Putting more digital music in your life is a powerfully enriching tool. One way to do this is to take advantage of your public library's collection of digital music. It's fine to have a personal favorite type of digital music such as rock, or jazz, but discover other music you may have not thought of. Try country music. And if you decide you don't like that, try opera or alternative music. You won't believe how many types of music you're going to find once you start looking. You don't have to like it. Just learn to appreciate it on its own.

To know more about Digital Music visit Dr. Julie

Friday, October 21, 2005

Music exists in every creation of God

Music is the abysmal rainbow that bridges endless galaxies. It is the waterfall flowing through the desert, the mother, the offspring, the ointment, the foot and hand of the wind. All of nature is music: the many colored skies, space and planets.

Music is every wondrous canyon in a miracle’s dream. Music is evolution, the seed of change. Music existed and exists with or without human beings. No race invented music.

Music is a form of energy, like the sun. Music is the voice through which spirits speak, using a language that is beyond words, a music that is beyond notes. Music informs us with a reality that is scented with the eternal. Music is the tireless swan knitting landscapes of hope. Music is the cry of life and death at birth and conception, the heart beat, the pulse, the healer and the healed, the color portrait, the magical stone and the magical mists living side by side. Music is the chirping of birds; is the grass beneath the cracked shells.

Music is dance and the dancer. It is poetry and the poet. Music is all children. Music is hot cornbread. Music is the kindness one finds in a crayon drawing. Music is wood touching word. Imagine a doorbell made of light. Imagine the house that we would enter if we rang that bell. Music and Digital Music are the inseparable part of life. Music is found everywhere. It is present in every creation of the God.

Get the information of music and digital music from Dr. Julie

Inner music: The Divine Music within Us

Divine music, when you experience it, brings with it intense and lasting bliss. Anyone who attempts to describe it would have to use pale analogies. If we think of the most beautiful music we have ever heard in this world, it still does not compare with the music known as the Voice of God. The divine music is playing within us all the time. We don’t hear it because no one has shown us the way to listen to this inner music.The divine music is different from worldly music. The music of the Lord is not made by any instrument. It is a melody that reverberates from God. So, it is the source of all outer music.

Outer music is but a reflection of Gods inner music. Second, the music of the Lord is like a magnetic current that elevates the soul into the spiritual realms beyond. Once we contact that sound, we are enabled to rise far above from mere body-consciousness.

That sound fills us with indescribable ecstasy. We become so intoxicated that every pore of our being cries out in ecstasy.

Digital Music plays a grand role in realizing us the divine music within us. Get more information on Digital Music with Dr. Julie

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Musical Vibrational Sculpture

Musical vibrational sculpture by Dr. Julie Trudeau and her spectacular Sonic Rainbow Siren instrument of vibrational attunement.

Super Sonic Rainbow presents unique and delightful digital music sounds, enjoy this music of sphere. The Sonic Rainbow Siren synchronizes our personal vibrations & environment, with the ever present [ phi harmonic ] Music of the Spheres at the vibrational levels of our whole selves - at all the molecular, fluid & gaseous or ethereal states, keeping our whole, ever integrating vibrational selves & environment in tune & flowing with the continual phi harmonic vibrations & light geometries the magnanimous Music of the Spheres generates. These constant, inaudible phi harmonic vibrations are generated by the actual friction of the continual movement of the planets, determining our Earth's and as a reflection - our own energetic, vibrational make up.

The Sonic Rainbow Siren helps to promote and preserve the natural phi harmonic pattern within ourselves and our immediate environment, simply contributing to our overall Spirit, mind & body wellbeing and the resulting blissful living every NOW!

Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body - by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & pattern of Life with the help of the Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational attunement instrument!

For More Help and Information on Musical Vibrational Sculpture Buy CD THE SUPERSONIC RAINBOW SHOWER.

Music Great Tool To Relieve Stress

Nowadays Music is considered to be the best tool for relieving stress. Music has a great effect on our mind. Music gives the positive responses to everyone. That’s why music has become one of the therapeutic tools used in hospitals. Soft and calming Music is used in the Hospitals nowadays as it helps to create a soothing environment and patients do not suffer from stress along with their other illnesses.

Digital Music falls into the territory of the psychological and of behavioral support services. Music can stimulate the response of as in active person into interaction, memory and an affective response. Digital Music helps in encouraging the interaction between the performers and the listeners. Music can be used to stimulate energy if the person is lethargic, or to calm the patient if there is too much energy.

If you want to know the more about Digital Music, visit Dr. Julie

Improve the Mental Faculties

It is said that Music helps in tuning the mental faculties of the person. But it does not mean that any kind of music will do that work. Individual differences are taken into the consideration.

Digital Music has the different kind of music which has been created according to the different moods and inclination towards the music. It’s found that listening to certain kind on Music can develop the mathematical reasoning. Moreover Digital Music boosts brain power simply because it makes listeners feel better – relaxed and stimulated at the same time.

Not only that Digital Music helps in relieving stress and thus heals the stress related problems as the person can listen to the kind of music that interests him/her.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Digital Music : Sounds of the Cosmos

Music - Scale Origins
“Music is the vernacular of the human soul.” Geoffrey Latham. For all of us who are passionate about music, absolutely in sync with the belief music is the lingua franca of all life forms i.e. animal or human, does the sound of soul searing music make you pause and think about the first musical note, a note that gave birth to other notes and scales, music as we know it today? Does anyone brood on whether it was the hitting of two stones or the stamping of feet that first saw the striking of musical notes or was it the clapping of hands that saw early man stomp his feet to the rhythm of beating drums and chanting voices, in the throes of a musically enhanced ecstasy that brought about spiritual healing. But, man is not the only creature that makes music, and birdsong is the most perfect example of music that humans try to re-create. There is recorded evidence of whales singing, while, the Chinese are known not only to keep songbirds, but also, cicadas in cages because of the music they make.

A passion for music has been ignited in the human soul, perhaps, beginning with a rhythmic stomping of feet to the sound of beating drums and chanting at religious ceremonies, rituals that stretch all the way back to the beginning of human consciousness. Whatever, the origin of music / digital music is a wonderful medium that allows us to create and express emotions from love, passion, ecstasy, and wonder. “Music is love in search of a word. “Sidney Lanier.

Music - Of the Spheres
“Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule. Nevertheless one had better know the rules, for they sometimes guide in doubtful cases, though not often.” Samuel Butler. The moaning, sighing, soughing sound of wind, slow drizzle or pelting rain, sweetly gurgling streams, swiftly flowing rivers or ocean waves crashing against cliffs, all constitute music, affirmation that deep within the cosmos there is the sound of music. Music that we can hear if we relax by shutting out extraneous elements, deep in concentrated meditation as the Song of the Universe begins to penetrate our beings. Cosmic music called The Music of the Spheres by the ancient Greeks was the melodious music produced by the planets as they circled through the heavens according to an entranced Pythagoras, Greek philosopher par excellence.

Is the music of nature merely sentiment or simply functional noises or does it also have a voice? An ancient Hebrew psalmist quoted below most certainly believed it did when he wrote the following psalm:

The heavens declare the glory of God;
The skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
Night after night they display knowledge.
There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out into all the earth,
Their words to the ends of the world.

As did other races and cultures! And, we will begin a daily initiation into the origins of music for each racial group as Dr. Julie Trudeau educates about the origins of digital music and initiates her readers into believing that digital music speaks in ways that go beyond words, in the same way that the sights we see with our eyes have a far deeper impact than words.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Digital Music: A great Tool for Music Therapy.

Music therapy is the use of music in the accomplishment of therapeutic aims: the restoration, maintenance, and improvement of mental and physical health. It is the systematic application of music, as directed by the music therapist in a therapeutic environment, to bring about desirable changes in behavior. Such changes enable the individual undergoing therapy to experience a greater understanding of himself and the world around him, thereby achieving a more appropriate adjustment of society.

It is believed that digital music technology is going to play a significant role in the future of music therapy clinical practice as we begin to explore the possibilities. As we begin to explore and understand new areas of research and the implications for Digital Music technology in clinical practice, it will require that clinicians are well-versed and currently informed about technical innovations and progress. The development of other devices lies in the hands of forward thinking engineers and music therapists. That is why it is essential that Digital Music therapy students be introduced to music technology and encouraged to imagine and dream about the possibilities for clinical application.

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Different Facets of Music

Digital Music elevates the spirit and soul of the individual. It moves the individual from this materialistic world to the world of spirit. Digital Music is the great path between the spirituality and this materialistic world.

Digital Music is a part of life and we can say one of the most important part elements of our life. Every person has the individual Musical talents. Some has the ability to express the emotions through music some have the strength to feel the beauty of the music, enjoy it and be touched by it.

From the olden days Music has been the part of our life. At that time music was used to hold prayers to praise their creators. Now music can be seen in a wide variety. Music is not just a combination of beautiful sounds that pleases the ear; it is an essential nourishment of the soul. Food might taste good, but the purpose of food is the nourishment of the body. Similarly music's purpose is the nourishment of the spirit.
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Monday, October 17, 2005

A Great Spiritual Practice with Music

All of us are aware of the term “Meditation”. It is that Spiritual Practice which helps us in realizing the inner soul of the person. Meditation brings the peace in the mind which results in the Peaceful Life.

Music plays an important role in practicing meditation. Special types of Music are generated specifically for the meditation practices. These are the Digital Music which is there for us to meditate in a better way. Digital Music transports us to a place where we can feel emotions without having to “think” to think of new thought.

Generally digital music for meditation is light classic, but it can differ from person to person. Whenever we listen to the digital music for meditation we can feel the tones, dynamics and rhythms of the music, which takes the mind away from redundant or negative thinking.

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Music For Self Expression

Human being is full of emotions. Emotion has a great place in our life. But the Music we can say is the key to thousands of our emotions. Music is all around us. We cannot deny the existence of music. Similarly, Digital Music is the part of the Music. It helps the person in self expression.

Digital Music is a complex language that can convey any emotion or conjure a response from any person. At the same time music is simple and universally understandable. We are used to others using music to influence our emotions and therefore decisions. However, we rarely use music's benefits to help ourselves.

Digital Music we can say in a way or other helps the person to express their emotions.

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Dr. Julie

Music - Spiritual Therapy

Music - Historically Healing
A study of the history of music is an affirmation of its power through the ages from the tumbling down of the walls of strongly built biblical city of Jericho, a city destroyed by the resounding force of blowing trumpets accompanied by shouts of a mighty army of men to legends about how the great Egyptians used sound to build and move the Great Pyramids to the Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine in China, covering the curative ability of music / sound healing. The Egyptian Book of the Dead has references to Sound Healing while a Chinese proverb declares: “Music comes from the heart of the human being.” If that is the case, there are powerful de-stressing elements in the making of music or listening to music, a fact that is corroborated by memories of turning on music when the trials and travails of everyday life prove too much of a strain. “You are the music while the music lasts.” T. S. Eliot

Music - Therapeutic Overtones
“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” Maya Angelou. If music has the power to shatter and destroy cities, build and move pyramids, it is but a forgone conclusion that it can heal the body, mind, emotions and the spirit. And, no one was more aware of the power of music than the ancients who used various chants, hymns and musical sounds to reduce stress, cure ailments, music therapy for physiological and psycho-social illnesses, effective therapy with sufficient research evidence that it cures.

Music is the shorthand of emotion.” Leo Tolstoy. Studies conducted by various organisations on the therapeutic value of music affirm that music therapy is extremely beneficial for pregnant women and children. The angst of adolescent years eases while patients suffering from depression experience a positive lifting of spirits simply by listening to the soothing strains of music. A release for emotions and feelings, it interacts with the mind compelling it to relax and unwind. “Who hears music feels his solitude peopled at once.” Robert Browning.

If that is what you are sorely in need of, a word of advice from
Dr. Julie Trudeau, go out and buy a CD of these divinely inspired musical chants i.e. Gregorian Chants, chants that will transport you into the throes of spiritual ecstasy!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Music for meditation that brings relaxation

Meditation is a way of slowing down which can bring tremendous benefits to your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. Meditation brings an increased ability to focus and concentrate which can improve efficiency and job performance.

Meditation and music go hand in hand, heart to heart. One can attune to one's Self, one's true inner Spiritual Essence, through this alignment -meditative music is a potent vehicle of travel.

Music is the key for relaxing mind, body and soul. Meditation and music maintain balance between inner and outer life. This balance between our inner and outer worlds can produce many new experiences. Digital Music helps us to turn our gaze back inward to restore balance and deepen our self-awareness. Digital Music is like bridge of light which soothe spirit and relax the body. Music and meditation provide soothing sound space for each listener's own inner journey.

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Stress Management with Music

Today’s life is absolutely full of energy and activity but with that we all face stress due to busy pattern of life. We all have various stress problems due to various reasons and we also unaware of it. Due to this stress our personality gets changes as it results in lack of patience, anger, and mood swings etc.

There are many methods for reducing stress out of that the best method is the listening to the type of music you like. Music plays a significant role for reducing stress. When you feel that the stress level is increasing just switch to the kind of music you like.

Digital Music is one of the forms of music which is presented in the digitized form. Digital Music has shows the variety and different forms of music. With the Digital Music we can help ourselves in reducing stress of our life.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Digital Music: Spiritual Connections

  • Songs of the Universe bring us Spiritually Closer - “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”. Beethoven. Certainly, digital music, especially spiritual music helps to bring us just a little bit closer to the Universal Spirit, a closeness that heals, rejuvenates the spirit putting a spring in the stride. None knew better than the ancients who staunchly believed 4-million years ago God used sound to create the Universe and all the life forms within. And, early man chanted in classical Sanskrit, Sanskrit, mother of all languages.

  • Sanskrit Mantras: Body, Soul and Spiritual Healing! - Sanskrit, itself means “purified, consecrated, sanctified”, a language created and refined over generations, a process that traditionally took more than a thousand years. It is considered the most completely perfect language. In the words of Swami Vivekananda who was responsible for bringing the teachings and wisdom of Indian Vedantic Philosophy to the western world, “Music alone can take you to the Highest.”
    Undoubtedly, digital music
    has immense power to open us to form a connection with the Universal Soul that in turn unleashes the natural healing forces within our bodies, digital music that makes our whole being unfurl like fragile flowers, utterly receptive to the healing song of slokas, mantras and hymns. And, for thousands of years or as long as man can recollect, every conceivable civilisation or culture has used music in their rituals, specifically, conducted for spiritual and therapeutic purposes.

  • Music : A Healing Power! - “Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.” Buddha. The power of music is evident as cultural groups participate in music, moving to the rhythm, dancing to its stirring beat, a banishing of negative emotions and peace reigns. All ancient music was created with the sole purpose of connecting to the Universal Spirit with the express purpose of inducing a physical and spiritual healing, including preserving their history by telling stories through their songs. “The history of a people is found in its songs.” George Jellinek.

    As people discover the healing hypnotic power of merging oneself in repetitive rhythmic slokas and mantras, the popularity of chanting is on the rise. A part of every culture from Native American, Sufi, Indian, Christian, can be found in the form of digital music in stores that carry a wide range of digital music, spiritually uplifting music from the world over, meditative music, chanting, healing music, music that relaxes as it sooths, invigorates and helps release emotion, music that unites us with the source of creation, a veritable storehouse of healing energy.

And in the words of Thomas Carlyle: “Music is well said to be the speech of angels; in fact, nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine. It brings us near to the infinite.”

On that philosophical note Dr. Julie Trudeau would like you to end your evening listening to some digital music slokas or mantras to let the healing forces of the Universe rejuvenate you for the battle of daily existence.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Music is symbolic but non-discursive

Music is symbolic, but non-discursive, it could be used to express the structures of psychic processes rather than the contents of those processes. Music is communication, it has been compared to the "sacred text", which contains untold stories, quiet whispers and shouts about mental pictures, memories, meanings and things, which are linked to the psychic processes during the creative process of composing. These expressions are deeply anchored to the composers' highly subjective and inner "world of mind" and its reality.

Digital music also plays an important role as it is considered to be the best mode of communication. It helps people to reduce stress and express their feelings without saying a word verbally.

So, Digital music is very useful for stress management, meditation, self expression etc. Get the related information about the Digital music in a symbolic form from Dr. Julie.

Music is the Language of the heart

An old Chinese proverb says: "Music comes from the heart of the human being. When emotions are born, they are expressed by sounds and when sounds are born they give birth to music". Actually this old proverb is telling the essence of music. Music is expressing the forms of feelings which the individual is not able to express otherwise, such experiences which are not lingual and non-discursive, such as bodily rhythms and other experiences anchored to the early childhood of the individual as well as the unconscious and traumatic experiences.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Music for Self Realization

Our mind easily becomes absorbed in sound. This is why we all - even infants and animals - enjoy listening to music. When the mind is fully concentrated on anything there arises a feeling of inner bliss. In Yoga, we learn that the source of the sound may be external or internal. The sound may be "gross" or "subtle." That is, it may be "struck" out loud, as from a voice or musical instrument; or "unstruck" and outwardly silent, arising inwardly as from the subtle currents of energy or prana moving throughout the body.

Digital Music brings the variety of sounds which helps in the process of meditation. Digital Music can provide the kind of sounds which heals the inner soul of the individual. With practice, concentration on carefully selected outer or "struck" sounds will enable the mind to become calm and transparent. At this point you may begin to become aware of the subtle inner "unstruck" sounds. You might perceive inner sounds that seem like bells, or flutes, or even a hum like an electrical transformer. Some of these sounds are actually just the sounds of your own body: blood pumping, or the electrical energy of nerves and inner ear. Other, deeper, sounds are the "sounds behind the audible sound."

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Music is Inseparable

Music is an inseparable part of our part of our life. All the things around us understand the language of music. Music brings joy and happiness in our life. Music always expresses strong, positive, intensely sensitive and emotional feelings. With different types of music we can express our internal emotions which are there in depth of our heart. Digital Music gives the variety of music, whether it is used for any happy or sad moments, moments of joy and happiness, music for meditation, music for healing patients etc. Digital Music has answers to all the problems. So we can say that music is the inseparable part of our life.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Music in the form of medicine

Listening to certain forms of music makes you feel a profound shift at the very core of your being. "Musical medicine" is a universal source of wellness, goodness, wholeness, and holiness. Combining advanced sound processing techniques, contemporary sounds and textures and sacred music had been used in ancient healing rituals these powerful compositions are designed to promote wellness, emotional centeredness and spiritual awakening.

Music is often used as a technique to aid visualization or meditation. Meditation can significantly reduce stress, improve ones overall health and create a healthy sense of calmness. Thus we can say that digital music helps in growing the personality of the individual.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Music and its effect

Music affects brain at different levels. Our moods change with different types of music. However, at a very deep level its effect is similar to that of deep meditation. Probably it is a reason why all great religions have stressed music as a means for praying and meditation. When we hear soul stirring music, we again get a feeling of well being. Thus, the soul stirring music and deep meditative thought has similar characteristics. This is the principle of equivalence. The brain therefore appreciates and absorbs the soul stirring music by creating the same complex thought pattern as that during meditation.

Similar effects are also seen for different types of digital music, which produce anger, sadness and other human emotions. As we evolve intellectually and spiritually, we become increasingly tuned to emotionally satisfying music, since the brain becomes supple and is able to focus on a single thought for a long time. Then singing and poetry may become the major activities of vocal chords with speech being their by-product! Digital Music can also play an important role in building a compassionate and creative society. In India, if we can continuously expose our children from early age to the great Indian and World music then it is possible to help produce a generation of citizens who are compassionate and less violent

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Resonance and Digital Music

Resonance music and digital music is a (on scientific base developed) sound pattern, which consists of a harmonic synthesis of celestial sounds and brain hemisphere synchronization waves. The celestial sounds are based on the vibrations of the Sun, Moon and the planets.
Nowadays we can calculate the exact resonance of each celestial body, but in the music of old civilizations, the classical music of India and Tibet and in some of the Western classical music, the right vibration was intuitively felt and used.
The brain hemisphere synchronization waves are used to synchronize the right and left side of the brain and consist of alpha and theta waves for relaxation, meditation and inspiration. The rational part of the brain is (re)aligned with the intuition. The self-healing capacity is increased and the resistance to diseases is becoming stronger.

Music contains the Sound Of Earth

The digital music and resonance music contains the sounds of the Earth, Mars and Aquarius with brain hemisphere synchronization theta wave sounds on some portions of the track. This music connects you with the power of the Earth, enabling you to stand with more clarity and confidence in your daily life.
The brain hemisphere synchronization waves are used to synchronize the right and left side of the brain and consist of theta waves for relaxation, meditation and inspiration. The rational part of the brain is (re)aligned with the intuition. The self-healing capacity and physical –and mental resistance are strengthened. Thus we can say that digital music enhances the self healing capacity of the person with the help of resonance music.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Music as a Organised sound

Music has been defined as generally as "organised sound" . A general definition may best be defined as "sounds and pitches organized in time to create a chosen artistic. Music is both an art and a craft, based on acoustic principles, digital music is perhaps the best way to express thoughts. And the best way with that we can share our feelings. Various types of music are available like: classical, pops, sad music, occasional music. Music is important in all aspects of life. Digital Music relates deeply to the soul of the people, revealing different emotions and moods that are connected to specific times of day and seasons of the year.

Two main categories of music are folk music and classical music. These two categories share some musical characteristics, but they are performed by different classes of people. Classical music is enjoyed and performed mostly by members of the upper class. Folk music is enjoyed and performed by people from many different cultural classes all over the world, from towns and villages to the countryside. Additionally, pop music and music for films can be heard broadcast on the streets and in homes and restaurants throughout world. There are seven svaras or suras.
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Music is the true language of heart

Music is the language of the heart, a universal language that speaks to all people, going places where words alone will not penetrate. It is also the language of the mind. Studies have shown that people remember 10% of what they’re told, 40% of what they read, and 90% of what they hear in music.
Music is the language of the heart, a universal language that speaks to all people, going places where words alone will not penetrate. It is also the language of the mind. Studies have shown that people remember 10% of what they’re told, 40% of what they read, and 90% of what they hear in music.

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Music in the form of prayer

Prayers are generally recited before and after the actual meditation. These prayers help to prepare our mind to receive the blessings we need for successful meditation. Exquisite music and soothing sounds transport you to inner peace. Digital Music is the quickest, the surest and the sweetest purifier of nerves and mind. When words and thinking fail - music fully survives.Digital Music helps to concentrate the mind. Without concentration you will never be able to meditate. You can concentrate on music itself, praying through it. You will learn to withdraw all other senses except hearing the melody of your own choice. It will pulsate eventually through your heart. Thus we can say that music helps us in getting closer to the one and only universal spirit who is the creator of this whole world.

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Music in the form of therapy

Hospitals as we know them are a relatively recent development in health care. After the two World Wars, volunteers at Veterans hospitals began to play music and sing for patients. Positive responses to this musical support led hospitals to hire musicians directly, and formal music training programs for health care applications began to appear. The use of Digital Music as a therapeutic tool falls into the realm of behavioral and psychological support services. With persons who are not actively dying, music can be used to stimulate interaction, memory, and affective response. It encourages interaction between listeners and between listeners and the performer. This active stimulation presumes that the clients are awake and capable of response. It can be used to stimulate energy if the patient is lethargic, or to calm the patient if there is too much energy. Music therapy presumes that a positive change in mood or behavior can be brought about in the listener.

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Music reaches a deep, non-rational part of the human spirit, it is ideally suited as an adjunct service that can affect feelings such as grief, fear, anxiety, sadness, and anger that stand in the way of a clear passage. Digital Music can release blocked or painful feelings and can stimulate positive ones such as hope, love, and gratitude. Sharing music together can lead to sharing of the emotions that the music brings up. Acknowledging these emotions together can help bring closure to old issues and enable reflection.
People have used music and song to comfort one another since time immemorial. Music helps in the emotional development of the individual. Also it is proved that, digital music works miraculously for the stress management.

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Music is the gift of God

We believe that music is a gift of God to be used for His glory. Digital Music is important in our culture, in the church, and in the believer’s life. Music is a language with which we can communicate with God and with each other. It impacts us in many ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe that music expresses morality and is not amoral.

Great music through the years has been an appropriate, skillful organization of melody, harmony, and rhythm. This organization is not merely the product of a particular cultural preference, but is rooted in the natural order of created things, reflecting the image of God in man We believe good music is based primarily upon appealing melody, is enhanced by harmony, and is supported by appropriate rhythm.

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Monday, October 03, 2005


Music has a great effect on human development. We can do various treatments with the help of music. Music is an essential part of our life. Because music is processed in both hemispheres of the brain, music can stimulate cognitive functioning and may be used for remediation of some speech/language skills.

Digital Music provides concrete, multi-sensory stimulation (auditory, visual, and tactile). The rhythmic component of digital music is very organizing for the sensory systems of individuals diagnosed with autism. As a result, auditory processing and other sensory-motor,
perceptual/motor, gross and fine motor skills can be enhanced through music. Musical elements and structures provide a sense of security and familiarity in the music therapy setting, encouraging the individual to attempt new tasks within this predictable but malleable framework. Many people with diagnoses on the autism spectrum have innate musical talents; thus, music therapy provides an opportunity for successful experiences. Emphasis is placed on strengths, which in turn may be utilized to address each individual’s areas of need.
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Music brings Peace and Relaxation

In our stressful life we all want peace of mind. All of us could not find the correct measures to reduce the stress from our life. Our mental peace can be attained by a simple measure that is available in our day to day life. We don’t have to search here and there to reduce our stress. One of the excellent ways to bring some peace and relaxation into our life is by listening to peaceful, soothing, relaxing that has been specifically designed to create a therapeutic ambience wherein we are better able to evaluate and deal with the conditions that may be troubling us. It has been known for centuries that certain types of music can be therapeutic and its success as a stress management tool is well documented. Digital music is the best way to manage and reduce the stress of our life. Let us choose a better way...a safe and proven alternative... and allow our self to experience a musical journey that can bring a measure of inner peace, relaxation and well-being into your life!

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