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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Harmony in Religions with Digital Music

Every religion has a common base and that base to realize the existence of that unique power of the world. So it is very necessary to maintain a harmonious relationship of every religion. Harmony among religions is possible, provided we are willing to shift from religion to spirituality. The seed of communalism is inherent in religion as religion. One indication is the inner decay of religions indicated by the growing gulf between their scriptural ideals and the norms that shape the lives of religious communities. Our practical life contradicts the spiritual ideals we endorse in theory. The spirit of negativity dominates the inter-religious space and shapes religious attitudes though all religions recommend values such as generosity, selflessness and charity, increasingly people resort to religion only to secure limitless and unmerited advantages in this world and the next. It is this covetousness that fuels corruption in public life and communalizes politics. Selfishness is the source of injustice, cruelty and exploitation. Today the more religious zeal a person has the more selfish and heartless he is apt to be.

Digital Music helps in creating the harmony between the religions. Digital Music helps in the self development of the person and thus helps is the self realization and the realization of the supreme. Digital Music helps in uplifting the mind, opening the heart, growing your attitude of gratitude, building inner peace, contemplative meditation ideas, spiritual inspiration, faith fortification, praise & worship or simply celebrating the Sacred Love of Life.

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