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Monday, November 21, 2005

Digital Music: The Electromagnetic tree of life

Buy CD-The Electromagnetic tree of life

In this CD of the Digital Music we will see contemporary music + spoken word audio presentations describing: 1.Fantastic healthy lifestyle information and motivation for all age groups, including the unique & dynamic health and wellbeing concepts, scientific basis, philosophies & methodology of Queensland Australia licensed health care provider, Dr. Julie Trudeau, refined over her 18 years of clinical experience and the logistics of the time tested, superior clinical results, far removed from trial & error, as well as the specific details of all of her exclusive health care services at the Oasis of Wellbeing natural health care spa: 2. details of professional personal training in the Natural Art of Bio-electromagnetic Field Enhancement, including valuable information on the Human Bio-electromagnetic Field for everyone: 3. Pre-requisite listening for 1.customers of The Oasis of Wellbeing 2. Potential apprentices of The Natural Art of Bio-electromagnetic Field enhancement 3.Everyone who wants to make the most of their most precious gift - their HEALTH!

Dr. Julie Trudeau is the author & spoken word recording artist, in the narrative, health motivation music audio presentations -The Golden Keys to the Money Tree - the electromagnetic tree of Life, the inner wealth of inner health & Special Secrets in Being an Oasis of Wellbeing describing her specialized services, philosophies & scientific basis as well as relating the concepts of cellular regeneration & advocating personal health responsibility, her contemporary love poetry music with the PDF e-book, The Hand of Faith - love poetry & inspirational prayer and the dynamic, family fun, 12 part self help home study series The Sonic Spectrum Attunements.


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