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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Digital Music : the language that all speaks

Music is the only language which does not reuire any words. With music any one can express its feelings of joy and sorrows. Music is the best source of communication.

"Digital Music" is a universal language allowing us to communicate our feelings. Feelings of joy--or pain--can be shared in a way that transcends differences in race or nationality. This is natural: we are all human beings. We tend to think that we are divided by race, ideology, and language, but ... digital music, a universal language, is a tool to communicate with each other." So we can say that digital music is the best way to express your feeling to any person to whom you want to convey your message.

Music in a way not only is a tool of communication but is the best way to communicate to any person as it does not need any verbal expressions and thus the message is conveyed in the simplest way. Through digital music we can spread love evreywhere which is the ultimate aim of a human life.

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