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Friday, November 11, 2005

Digital Music Therapy: Medicine Raga

Digital Music: Music Dose - As the pace of life becomes ever faster, the world is experiencing high stress and falling prey to numerous ailments, the direct outcome of stressed out minds and overworked bodies. Take the classic example of call centre employee suffering from severe attacks of four day long migraines, a truly traumatic experience. Tired of ineffective cures, she turned to alternative healing, agreeing try out music therapy. After a physical profile / case reading including pulse rate and personal vibration frequency, her medical practitioner-cum-music therapist prescribed a certain raga (musical note) along with a diet of serotonin (happiness inducing hormone) enhancing fresh juices and vegetables. Six months of four, 20-minute sessions listening to the raga each day, her migraine attacks occur rarely, have decreased in intensity, and last less than half an hour.

Gradually, medical science is beginning to acknowledge the efficacy of music therapy, a clear indication that it has finally come of age. Psycho-therapists, psychiatrists, medical practitioners use it to treat stress-related ailments, depression, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, mental illnesses, skin regeneration, and even in pain relief. Music is used in maternity wards for ensuring normal deliveries, while corporates hire music therapists to help de-stress over-worked employees for increased productivity.

The question is whether music therapy can replace modern medicine. According to a neurologist, soothing music quietens the mind; and certain ragas (music notes) tranquillise the brain’s hypothalamus, the section of our brain responsible for transmitting instructions / signals to body organs. What it means is, when we listen to a raga that appeases, the serenity of the notes we hear, prevent the hypothalamus from sending panic signals to our organs, and a de-stressing of mind and body takes place.

The power of music is amazing; it can lower blood pressure, respiration rates, basal metabolism, decreasing physiological responses to the stress in our lives.

Combining modern medicine with music has a greater success rate if it was used on its own. Take the example of a 72-year old arthritis sufferer taking allopathic medicine to reduce his pain, medicine that relieves the pain but creates digestive problems. Listening to a raga prescribed by a music therapist, he not only reduced the drug dosage for his pain, thereby taking the pressure off his digestive system, music also took his mind off the pain.

Music therapy is no modern day concept but has been used by all the ancient cultures and societies of the world. In conclusion, it is a known fact that in times ancient, Kings never went into battle without their musicians. After a strenuous day on the battle field, warriors erased fatigue and battle wounds listening to soothing strains of music. Today, when kings and warring kingdoms have ceased to be, our lives have assumed the proportions of a battlefield, each fighting our own Mahabharata, battling our own demons, you will find music heals!

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At 3:05 PM, Blogger MarcusM said...

Getting beyond the hype for just a moment....for a more critical, balanced. informative, and clinical/scientific analysis of the music as medicine claim, see the essay at:

....a distinction is made between physiological and therapeutic that is seldom made in the alternative medicine lit-hype....MM

At 4:25 AM, Blogger Monica said...

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