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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Digital Music Therapy: A Spring in your Stride

Digital Music Therapy: Definite Cure All
Every day, new studies prove music cures when other medicines fail in alleviating the pain of living. More and more people resort to music to combat depression, anxiety or chronic pain by turning on the radio or slipping a disc in the digital music player. And, the results of this music therapy are simply amazing as they help manage stress, improve mental disorders, developmental disabilities e.g. cerebral palsy to autism, and others.Attesting to the power of music, music lovers continue to explore its potential to improve mental health and treat mental illness. Music therapists today, are not the only ones to be aware of the fact music heals; our ancestors knew about it, they are simply following an ancient tradition reflected throughout world history.The therapeutic use of music to treat physical ailments is equally impressive.

Studies show that classical music tends to have a calming effect on both children and adults, improving the ability to learn and concentrate. It is effective in anxiety disorders or in helping children with attention deficit disorders. Adding music to classrooms and workplaces has been found to improve academic and work performance, helping students and employees to effectively control emotions and behaviour.The beneficial effects of music have been known to ease the pain of child birth, without administering anaesthesia to expectant mothers, as music raises the level of endorphins, a natural pain relieving hormone in our bloodstreams. Playing lively, infectious dance music has encouraged people with painful arthritis to get up and move to the beat. It has become common practice to use music to reduce and manage stress both at home and at work while playing a musical instrument helps Alzheimer patients to concentrate on coordinating their movements.

Psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, and physical therapists attest music has helped many of their patients. As the music travels through our brain, it turns into electric waves that course through our bodies, stimulating our organs, making our bodies respond, awakening our senses.

Dr. Julie Trudeau exhorts you to let music permeate your life! Try her perfect digital music cure for stress, depression or the pain in your life. A digital music selection guaranteed to make life look more upbeat!


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