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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Music: A Feel Good Factor

Music is rapidly becoming a feel good factor as therapists, psychiatrists, even medical doctors begin to understand it has a cure all factor for all diseases.Various studies have reported conclusively, that music plays a significant part in memory recall and reality awareness in Alzheimer patients, while it has helped improve physical mobility of stroke patients and those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Music therapy has been found to be so effectual in curing various ailments that even Medicare has made it reimbursable under certain conditions.
Playing musical instruments is another feature of music therapy that has wrought amazing cures. A study conducted by 6-different universities reports when elderly people learnt to play a musical instrument, it not only alleviated their anxiety, depression but assuaged feelings of loneliness. Further, anxiety-ridden patients with elevated blood pressure, heart beats and respiratory rates were calmed down by playing music. Music had the effect of a 5-milligram valium pill, and helped the need for anaesthesia drop considerably, from 20% to 10%.
Music played for premature babies born not only helped them inhale oxygen more efficiently, they rapidly gained weight and reduced their hospitalisation times compared to premature babies who did not its benefit.
Even burn victims and patients undergoing painful procedures e.g. cancer treatment, brain disorders, kidney dialysis have reported less discomfort if they listened to music while undergoing treatment. .
The best stress management technique, music eases, relaxes and loosens tense muscles, over-wrought nerves by altering brain activity; music brings about a physical and mental preparedness for handling stressful situations without losing it all.

Dr. Julie Trudeau invites you to put on some digital music, as you sit back listening to its soothing strains, feel its vibrations course down nerve cords, and let the unwinding of mind and body begin!


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