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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Music: a natural form for healing

Music has always been used for Healing and it was found that Music is the best and the great tool for the Therapy. It is believed that the more harmonious and pleasing this sound is, the more beneficial it is to us for healing purposes. Different areas of the body respond to the sounds made by locking in or “entraining” to the sound and beginning to vibrate at the same frequencies, thus bringing harmony and healing. In research, the human voice has been shown to be one of the most powerful and effective instruments in healing. The therapist tones,digital music or sounds notes in the subtle energy body of the client. The soft and the harmonious sounds work greatly for the healing purpose.
So healing by sound or music is an ancient but natural form of healing which has probably been in use since the beginning of civilization. It is a subtle but powerful process which mankind has instinctively used over the years, and which in this modern age science is now beginning to find evidence for and recognize.

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