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Friday, November 25, 2005

Music Therapy for Heart, Body and Mind Cures

A recent study conducted by Duke University reveals, heart patients who practised deep breathing while listening to soothing music were less likely to die of heart problems than those did not follow the procedure. Doctors believe it may be due to the fact music relieves stress, a factor responsible for causing inflammation throughout the body, which interferes in the healing process.

Similar results have been reported for Alzheimer, Parkinson, Cancer, and psychiatric patients. Increasingly, the proof that music heals is growing, as more and more people turn to music therapy for cures that traditional medicine failed to elicit.Working on the theory all universal life consists of vibrations, and music therapists use sound wave vibrations to treat both mental and physical conditions in an attempt to balance body vibrations, focusing on balancing body energy to treat various conditions e.g. anxiety, stress, dyslexia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Down syndrome, behavioural disorders, motor problems, high blood pressure, depression, autism, arthritis, physical injuries and relieving muscle tension.Chanting has proven to be so effective in cancer patients. Music therapy has no side-effects or complications, it can be performed at home with the help of audio-tapes / digital music CDS or under a trained music therapist.

An easy, pleasure inducing treatment, Dr. Julie Trudeau, a licensed natural health care provider urges you to try it! A delightful digital music experience that induces a positive cure!


At 3:51 AM, Blogger Monica said...

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