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Friday, December 30, 2005

Digital Music: Comprehensive & Holistic Healing

Digital music aids the development of social skills and the expression of feelings, while diminishing anxiety and boosting systematic thinking potencies and physical activity. Music can also be helpful in curing anxiety, depression, neurotic, and psychic disorders. Digital music can enhance self-esteem and augment feelings of harmony, orientation, health and well-being.Researches have proved that music, especially digital music, can effect heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, pain perception, physical health and overall well-being of an individual.

Divine or the spiritual music brings with it profound, intense, and lasting harmony. Music is something that has put people, in touch with their innermost. Various types of music acts upon diverse emotions of an individual, and releases the various incomplete emotions resulting in a comprehensive and holistic healing of body, mind and soul.
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Music Therapy: Inducing Positive Emotions

If you want to keep the doctor away, have an apple a day, and put on a track of digital music, 20-minutes of music for an assurance of good health. Increasingly, music therapy is being used in medical treatment with considerable success according to Dr. Frances le Roux, a physiotherapist who studies the effect of music on the health of people suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis and other ailments.

She is of the firm opinion music in medicine, not only supports but enhances treatment. According to her, listening to music has affects the immune and endocrine systems (hormonal changes), as well as the psychological state of the patients, and shows a significant change, positively influencing emotions and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, all markers of improved immunity. “If negative emotions are suppressed, the healing process is blocked, but we proved that with a certain kind of music, positive emotions can instead be stimulated, inhibiting the negative effects of anger and hostility, and so improving healing.” she explains. Negative emotions weaken the immune system and result in negative behavioural changes e.g. anxiety, anger, depression and hostility. Unhappiness causes blockages in the brain while happiness boosts the production of dopamine and serotonin, happiness chemicals.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has a wide range of digital music guaranteed to get the happy chemicals flowing, natural chemicals that have no side effects. Digital music induced chemicals that infuse you with a sense of deep happiness and strengthen the immune system, a guarantee of good health and mental, emotional, physical well-being!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Digitial Music & Meditation

Digital music related meditation techniques can aid develop serenity and tranquility, reduce stress, and have a richer, deeper, more spiritual experience of life. It is now regarded as one of the most powerful ways to protect against the pressures and "bad stress. It helps the brain and nervous system to react more effectively and appropriately to all life's challenges.

Music relates deeply to the soul of the people, revealing various emotions and moods that are connected to specific times of day and seasons of the year. Music is both an art and a craft, based on acoustic principles, Music is perhaps the best way to express thoughts. And the best way with that we can share our feelings . various types of music are available like : classical, pops, sad music, occasional music.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Music Therapy: Vibrational Cures

Everything whether organic or inorganic, animate or inanimate, living or non-living has its own unique field of vibrational energy. If two vibrational fields meet and vibrate in complete harmony, they strengthen each other or weaken if there is vibrational disharmony. Diseases and ailments like everything else have their own vibrational energy, and a musical healing can be affected by listening or playing music also digital music that is in accord with the patient, but total out of sync with the vibrational energy of the illness. And, painting with its own code of vibrations can affect a cure as well. I found El Greco’s painting of Saint Catherine of Sienna sent my headache packing time and again. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa cured my laryngitis, and listening to Mozart cured my flu and benefited those suffering from heart diseases.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, as a trained therapist has compiled a distinctive range of digital music sound vibrations guaranteed to harmonise, ensuring your good health and well being. Digital music sounds that can send all ailments packing, digital music sounds out of harmony with the vibrational energy of whatever ails you!

Digital Music: A Healing Powerhouse

Digital music is a healing powerhouse. It has boundless knack to aid and boost human body-n-mind’s metamorphosis. Sound can have an effect on us at the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual planes. In Indian Yoga also there are diverse mantras which effect and accentuate different levels of human consciousness, corresponded by the charkas (with each chakra having a different mantra (the sound vibration) for its opening and development.

Digital music, Mantras (sounds received through revelation), vowel sounds, and harmonics are most potent for curative, harmonizing, orientation, and synchronization purposes. Apart from listening to either recorded or live music form of Digital music, Mantras, vowel sounds, and harmonics chanting such sounds can also be very efficient for comprehensive human development.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Digital Music: Unseen hand of God

Digital music is one of the myriads of beauties of God. A mode to feel God’s charisma is to meditate. The energy radiating from God is a principle that emanates as light and sound. Divine light is greater and brighter than any light one can experience on earth, like trillions of Suns shining simultaneously sans the troublous heat. As per Einstein light is sound vibrating at a very high frequency. So, at a very high frequency sound and divine light are akin.

The higher the note higher will be the consciousness inherent in the sound, i.e. the more ethereal the sound. Let us make everyday a celebration. The next time we feel helpless and alone let us remember that God’s arms are around us. Such ethereal sound is a divine melody, sweeter than any other earthly sound, reverberating without involving instruments or vocal chords. So digital music is like the unseen hand of which we, from time to time, ardently pray for help and receive it, but there are numerous times when we do not even ask for aid, and help comes nonetheless. These times are reminders to us that we are not unaided. Let us offer thanks for the myriad ways in which God’s love surrounds and protects us.

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Lucidity of Music with individual character

Music has a great and sharp effect on the human’s body mind and soul. It reaches a deep, non-rational part of the human spirit, it is ideally suited as an adjunct service that can affect feelings such as grief, fear, anxiety, sadness, and anger that stand in the way of a clear passage.

Digital Music can release blocked or painful feelings and can stimulate positive ones such as hope, love, and gratitude. Sharing music together can lead to sharing of the emotions that the music brings up.

Acknowledging these emotions together can help bring closure to old issues and enable reflection.
People have used music and song to comfort one another since time immemorial.
Music helps in the emotional development of the individual. Also it is proved that, digital music works miraculously for the stress management.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Digital Music Increases Human Potential

Digital music and Meditation on digital music bring an increased ability to focus and concentrate. This boosts efficiency and performance. Meditation is a powerful tool to aid in shifting consciousness. It also helps in increasing productivity because – a balanced, nonstressed state of mind can do better work than unbalanced mind. Music effects brain at different planes. Our moods changes with different type of music. At a very deep level its effect is similar to that of deep meditation.

Digital Music and meditation are complementary. One can get in synch with one's Self, one's true inner Spiritual Essence, through this alignment -digital music is a potent vehicle of travel. Music is the key for relaxing mind, body and soul. Meditation and music maintain balance between inner and outer life. This balance between our inner and outer worlds can produce many new experiences. Music helps us to turn our gaze back inward to restore balance and deepen our self-awareness.
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Music Therapy: Powerful Medicine

Look at the Shamans of Venezuela who sing and chant while they affect cures by contacting the tribal spirit ancestors. While, not a complete cure, music therapy improves mental and physical health and the best piece of advice you will get, is to listen to music when down in the dumps and feeling blue. Highly therapeutic, digital music recharges and energises or relaxes and unwinds taut nerves, stressed out minds and tense bodies. Music affects people in different ways, it calms some while energising others, sharpens the mental faculties while inducing a contemplative mood in others, a mood perfect for meditation.

In short, our brains respond to the relaxing powers of music and if you relax your brain for longer frames of time, the power of music heals that much faster. Divided into two parts the left and the right, our left brain is geared for educational, analytical thinking, while the right brain is the part that responds to the music and helps us relax. If the digital music you listen to manages to stimulate the left brain, you can be assured of a complete healing cure. Music therapy is the perfect therapy for restoring and maintaining emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical well-being.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist assures you that singing, playing a musical instrument or dancing to digital music will restore you to complete good health. A digital music compilation of naturally healing musical notes from her collection of CDs is available for a guaranteed restorative healing of mental health, developmental and learning abilities, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, as well as acute, chronic pain. Dr. Julie Trudeau has everything for a digital music cure!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Digital Music: Refreshes the Mind and Soul

Digital Music can rejuvenate the patients by diminishing negative and/or self-stimulatory responses and increase participation in more appropriate and socially acceptable ways. Digital music breaks our cycle of thought enough to allow my natural energy to flow freely again; thus making us more energetic.

Even listening to one piece of uplifting digital music can regulate our breathing, when it is ragged from feeling agitated.

Digital Music enhances the positive mindset, thereby making a person active, able, and smart enough to work in the right direction. Music can release Stress by decreasing physical responses, or Increase Stress increasing physical responses. It helps in shifting undesirable feelings to more pleasant ones.
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Music Therapy: The Characterstics and Power of Ragas

Every musical raga or note has a profound impact on our lives from instilling a sense of peace, to making the blood race with heightened passion to quelling the savage beast within our breast. In Indian music different musical notes are associated with different feeling and emotions, and the ragas of Indian music are attributed with their own special powers and characteristics.

There are ragas associated with love, ragas that alleviate pain and restore vigour and good health, ragas sung to bestow strength and vigour for a happy married life, ragas to eliminate poverty, ragas that have the power to weaken and cease unhealthy vibrations of bitter feelings emanated by evil minds, ragas that bestow happiness on the singer or listener, ragas that stimulate, sharpen the intellect, instil courage, energise the body, dispel fear, increase confidence, destroy phobias, worry, distress, neurotic disorders, cure mental illness, soothe perturbed minds restoring peace and harmony. Musical ragas or notes or digital music that rejuvenate the mind and allow one to age gracefully, ragas that offer a welcome release for feelings as suppression of the senses is a negative force. Musical notes or ragas have the power to restore positive energies e.g. serenity, peace, inner joy, universal love and great courage. Musical ragas by helping release emotions and feelings restore the body and mind to good health by neutralising the toxins in our bodies.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has compiled a healing range of musical ragas, digital music ragas that have a curative power more powerful than any modern medicine, pleasant digital music notes that confer benefits on singer and listener alike. Each note has a face and form, forget your tiredness as you relax to the soothing notes of Dr. Julie’s musical notes, get your stress and tension under control, enjoy the spirit of peace and harmony. Even science and modern medicine has recognised the efficacy of music therapy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Music Therapy: The Colours of Music

Amongst the oddities served by the scientific community, University of Zurich, Switzerland report a woman who experiences taste when she hears music. Suffering from the extremely rare phenomenon of synaesthesia, the 27-year old woman, a musician by profession, can see the colour violet on hearing an F-sharp note and red on a middle-C.

Indeed, it is wrong to say she suffers from a rare disease, if the power of music (digital music) allows you to identify certain notes by colour. Music is powerful medicine by itself, healing balm for fragile emotions, stressed minds, tense bodies. If colour can improve the mood then just think how much good can be wrought with the colour of music.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist with many years of experience has compiled the Supersonic Rainbow Shower, a collection of easy listening digital music, a rainbow coloured shower of musical notes meant to relax tense bodies and over-wrought minds. Dr. Julie Trudeau knows what notes to strike to affect a musical magic cure!

Digital Music brings development to the Human Species

Digital music has the power to transcend time, emotion, culture, and language as we connect with myriad kindred souls having the same inclinations to nourish the souls of innumerable listeners as well as the souls of countless musicians who have shared the event of music for ages. In the contemporary chaotic world in great need of harmony digital music has the ability to bring harmony and peace within the troubled hearts and consciences of humans. The goal of music is attunement instead of just entertainment. Through this attunement the consciousness of the listeners is uplifted in to a higher realm which results in overall development of the human species

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Music Produces Relaxing Effect

Music produces a relaxing effect. A New research shows that slow music produces a relaxing effect, while musical pauses further modulate heart rhythms and circulation patterns in a beneficial way. The effects were most striking for those people who have musical training.
It is found that slow tempo and the calm music helps in slow breathing.
Slower breathing has been linked to lower blood pressure and may help the lungs work more efficiently.

Slower music caused declines in heart rate, with the largest decline seen with raga music.The pause effect occurred regardless of the type of music but was stronger among musicians, who are already trained to measure their breathing with the music.

Digital music thus is very beneficial as it calms down the blood pressures and relaxed your mind thus helps in reducing the stress level.

Thus Digital Music is beneficial for the health.Know more about digital music by Dr Julie

Music Therapy: The Magic of Music

If music can cure the soul, is it possible to affect a cure for the body simply by listening to music? If you are passionate about music, you know it can, and completely understand that it is powerful medicine. Music, digital music or otherwise, that gets your feet tapping, pulses racing, and fingers snapping in rhythm to the beat, the self-same music stirs your brain. The effect of music on mind, body and soul has even convinced the most die-hard scientists that there is something about music. Studies and research into how music affects the mind and body validates the belief that it can be used to cure damaged minds, returning them to a significant level of health with daily doses of rhythm and harmony.
A wonderful experience, music not only relaxes the body while reducing mental tension, it also assists in concentration and an improved attention span. Plants and animals have been known to respond positively to music too.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has compiled a collection of digital music sounds for safe treatment of all physical, emotional, mental or spiritual needs. Her digital music sounds are guaranteed to help relax, instilling a deep sense of peace and satisfaction as the soothing notes wash over you!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Music Power

Music influences brain at different planes. Our moods vary as per the type of music . At a very intrinsic level its effect is similar to that of deep meditation (a stage equivalent to dhaarana as per the yogic scriptures). Music plays an important role in building a compassionate and creative society. Researches have proved that humans remember 10% of what they’re told, 40% of what they read, and 90% of what they hear in music. Music effortlessly transports you to a delightful place of tranquility, balance and joy. Musical tones,digital music and overtones flow from one piece into another creating a mood from soft and gentle to purposeful and emotionally charged.

In the blink of an eye, music can elevate our consciousness. If we can play or hear such soulful music, our ability to meditate increases. So music can change our consciousness provided it is the music that comes from the heart and enters into the heart.
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Music on the Mind

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order and lends to all that is good and just and beautiful.” Plato. New psychiatric findings suggest that learning to play a musical instrument or even listening to music (digital music), enhances spatial reasoning performances, as studies confirm there is a connecting link between spatial intelligence and music.

Children who study music have higher spatial reasoning ability than the non-musical children.With its scientific and educational implications, it is important that music training become an essential for the children as it has been found that music have the capability to strengthen and enhance spatial reasoning in pre-schoolers and school going students. With lasting intellectual benefits, it is far superior to computer instruction in enhancing higher brain functions and abstract reasoning skills required of children studying science, math, engineering and chess. Listening to or playing music, not only nurtures the intellect, it also produces long-term improvements.

Dr. Julie Trudeau as a trained therapist highly recommends a daily listening session of digital music, including music lessons for those with a child who is slow or one who cannot concentrate on math or science problems. Whether you select from Dr. Julie’s excellent range of digital music CDs or play some of your own, within just a few days, you will see a marked improvement in your toddler, pre-schooler or college going student. Always, music on the mind

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Music Therapy: The Importance of Music

I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.” George Eliot. And, psychiatrists, psychologists, mind and body therapists all affirm the healing power of vibrational sound and music. Peter Jampel, music therapist and director of a mental health clinic in New York is prone to use every kind of digital music to engage the attention and initiate a healing in his mentally ill patients, drug and substance abusers, even ex-prisoners. In order to cure them, he calms agitated patients or cheers depressed ones, either by having them listen to some Mozart or other greats, or getting them to participate and play a musical instrument in the band he has organized for the purpose.

Dr. J.Gordon, founder director of the Washington Centre for Mind-Body Medicine, a psychiatrist and mind-body expert lowers his stress, insomnia and anxiety levels by practicing Yoga daily, limbering, stretching and meditating, all to the gentle strains of music that help him unwind and relax. He banishes his bouts of depression, either by rationalizing his angst or doing something positive like putting on a track of immensely danceable music and jigging away the blues.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, herself a trained therapist has put together a selection of vibrational sounds, digital music compilations she researched and found to help in maintaining complete mental and physical health. Let her perfect digital music sounds guide you to a total healing!

Music Therapy: Musical Encounters of the Third Kind

Are you tense, anxious, jittery, or plain stressed out? Is your immune system functioning at less than the optimum? Are you suffering from insomnia, having trouble drifting off to sleep or maintaining a deep, restful sleep rhythm? Are your emotions out of control; does the pendulum of your moods swing madly, angry one moment, bursting into tears the next, for no apparent reason? If the answer is yes to all of the questions, then the diagnosis is a mind, body, soul, out of sync with each other. You need to tune in to restore harmony, a return of good emotional, mental and physical health, simply by listening to the healing power of digital music vibrational sounds.

In today’s world, as our bodies are continually assaulted and damaged by radio waves, electro-magnetic impulses, radiation, cancer-causing microwaves and jarring sounds, an incessant barrage of disharmonious frequencies creates a state of dissension in our human bodies by wreaking havoc on the body’s immune system.

Listen to Dr, Julie Trudeau’s collection of digital music compositions that correct discordant frequencies, help re-tune and re-align the body’s cellular structure, energise and strengthen the immune system, soothe emotional and mental trauma, letting peaceful calm and well-being reign, while spurring creative and spiritual growth!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Musical sounds Positively Effect the Brain and thus Relieving Stress

The hemispheres of the brain are connected by the corpus callosum. It serves as a conduit or a bridge between both sides. This bridge can literally be exercised and strengthened until it is physically larger and more capable of transmitting information, thoughts and feedback between hemispheres. Repeated use of the binaural beat audio technology effects that are used in the Digital Music has the hemispheric dominance. Binaural beat technology increases activity across the corpus callosum, in other words, there is a forced inter-hemispheric stimulation and communication between the left and right brain. This leads to a relative shift in hemispheric dominance (from left-brain dominance to whole-brain dominance) and hemispheric synchronization. A more integrated system creates better performance. Research has indicated this type of "whole brain synchronization" is present in the brain at times of intense creativity, clarity and inspiration. EEG patterns recorded from various test groups comprised of extremely successful individuals also displayed an extraordinarily high level of "whole brain synchronization". Harmony and unity occur in the brain.

This concludes that vibrational sounds have the great power in healing the stress as it relaxes the brain. Digital Music not only helps in stress management it is also responsible for the developing personality and healing many ailments.
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The SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower: Digital Music

Buy CD-The SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower

The SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Showeri is created to represent our invisible, metaphysical vibrational bodies , which are the dynamic coordinates pre-determing our primary sensory physical life in the 3 dimensions on Earth. It is said we manifest our higher self or genius states when the subtle bodies are in relative dynamic harmony with one another. Use this vibrational sculpture and digital music to abstractly ponder & appreciate your various vibrational bodies, projecting into the time flow in order to manifest greater genius states & be more of your higher self in waking consciousness, as well as getting better acquainted with them so we can receive their special messages of light & Universal Love as well as benefit from their special functions.

Allow the SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower to stimulate and make your subtle vibrational bodies dance in an ever integrating style as to open the doorway to genius states and to manifest more often, the whole poise, wisdom & peacefulness of the creative or higher self to taste its blissfulness, and nourish our lives with its gracefulness.

Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body - by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & fractal pattern of Life with the help of the Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational resonance attunement fractal musical instrument!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Digital Music: Vibrational healing an ancient way of healing

According to Dr. Richard Gerber's Vibrational Medicine book, Sound therapy is one of the prototypical vibrational healing modalities. Sound produces measurable vibratory feelings throughout the body, depending upon the frequency and amplitude of the sound used. There have been a wide variety of sound healing developments over the last ten to twenty years. Certain sounds most likely have a healing influence upon the body because they influence the geometric patterns and organization of cells and living systems.

According to the Chinese theories of Earth: Human body is made up of five essential elements and these are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. So Digital Music which has the vibrational sounds has the great effect on these elements of the human body. Digital Music has different sounds pattern that directly effects these elements of the human body. A different pattern of sound effects for instance fire then another pattern has the effect on Metal.

This pattern of sounds has the magical power that really helps in stress management, personality development, relieving depressions, anxiety etc… From the ancient time Digital Music has the great contribution in the healing the ailments.

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Digital Music and the Sound Theory

All the external sounds of which we observe are formed when two or more objects, such as vocal chords, clout collectively and set up a vibration in the atmosphere. These vibrations then enter the ear, in turn setting up the vibrations in the eardrum and its fluid. The nature of these vibrations is relayed to the brain where they are acknowledged and compared to the memory of all past sounds, and mental images are then created. In this way sound is continuously influencing our brains and minds.

And Digital Music is based on this Sound theory and thus helps us in curing various ailments.

Dr Julie tells more about digital music and sound theory

Monday, December 12, 2005

Music Therapy: Spiritual Connections

Music / Digital Music Healing: Creatively Divine
Drawing on wisdom from Eastern and Western traditions, Louise Montello, music therapist, psychoanalyst, research scientist writes: “Music, not only awakens the life of the soul within you, it actually is the vibrational essence of your soul and of all life.”Believing firmly that each living organism inhabiting the universe has a “natural ability to use music and sound” to establish a direct connection with its’ higher self or “soul”, a connection that transforms, facilitating a self-healing,Pain, suffering, and ignorance are a direct result of getting disconnected with one’s innate divinity.

6-step self-healing process that combined with music helps in managing stress are:

1) Problem identification.
2) Realisation of one’s self-worth.
3) Pro-activeness.
4) Identifying and connecting with one’s throat charka.
5) Expressing one self.
6) Voicing thanks.

Integrating music therapy with this six-step guide, not only helps align and balance out of sync minds and bodies, it eliminates stress, controlling it by effectively surrendering to a higher reality, thereby initiating a positive healing.

Dr. Julie Trudeau believes in the healing forces of digital music, benevolent forces that can make you glow with radiant wholeness! As the whirling dervishes dance in sheer ecstasy to the sounds of Sufi chants and music, with the help of which they are able to glimpse the divine power, let the powerful sound of digital music connect you to the universal soul that is a part of you and of each living organism on earth!

Digital Music: Rejuvenating Subtly & Surely

Digital music revivifies the glandular system into releasing vitally essential rejuvenating hormones to combat stress related mental illnesses i.e. hyperactivity, depression & maniac depression, schizophrenia et al. Music helps the body to re-programme and re-establish itself, a therapeutic process that engenders holistic healing, a flawless, renowned and approved approach. It makes us in synch with our surroundings by de-stressing them, it purges the mind of its unwanted attributes like depression, anger, hate, fear, lust, contempt, or the desire to hurt others.
Digital music is a boon because the human body is like a musical gizmo, exhibiting myriads of frequencies and rhythms in an ever altering kaleidoscope of life. It responds and resonates in consonance with music, sounds, speech and thought from the environment, and undergoes changes of heart beat, breathing, blood chemistry and circulation of energy in various energy centers of the body, known as chakras existing in the sukshama sharir(subtle human body) as per the yogic lingo. The positive vibrations engendered through listening to digital music balance the disharmonized energies in the chakras, mainly in “Muladhara & Swadishtan Chakra”, resulting in an overall well-being and multi-faceted development of our personalities.

Digital music, furthermore, magnetizes the feelings of love, compassion, harmony, invoked by the vibrations, rhythms and chants of music creating a meditation aura in the persona of a being, thus activating the “anahata chakra” or the heart center.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Relax your Mind and Body with Digital Music

In our stressful life we all want peace of mind. All of us could not find the correct measures to reduce the stress from our life. Our mental peace can be attained by a simple measure that is available in our day to day life. We don’t have to search here and there to reduce our stress. One of the excellent ways to bring some peace and relaxation into our life is by listening to peaceful, soothing, relaxing that has been specifically designed to create a therapeutic ambience wherein we are better able to evaluate and deal with the conditions that may be troubling us.

It has been known for centuries that certain types of music can be therapeutic and its success as a stress management tool is well documented.Digital music is the best way to manage and reduce the stress of our life.

Let us choose a better way...a safe and proven alternative... and allow our self to experience a musical journey that can bring a measure of inner peace, relaxation and well-being into your life!
To know more about the digital music and stress management,
Visit Dr. Julie.

Digital Music And Stress Management

Digital music is very constructive for stress management, meditation-medication, and self-perspicuity. The vibrational sounds in digital music trigger a person’s passions, sentiments, and facilitate the development and improvement of persona by stress reduction, self realization and many more things.

Digital music engenders inner, nonfigurative or emblematic images. Music has a great capacity to stir up deep and rich emotions. Music is considered to be a vital and indispensable communal vent for emotional discharge. Furthermore, digital music has a power to enhance emotional existence and that emotions are a chief element of any musical experience.

Hence digital music and the vibrational sounds play an important role in our life.
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Friday, December 09, 2005

Digital Music: The Healing Sound

Digital music has a great soothing effect on human mind. Since antiquity music has been used as a tool for the orientation of the human mind. In many oriental civilizations, mainly in India, Africa, and Middle East, the therapeutic value of music (especially digital music), has been recognized and commended as a form of therapy since myriads of years.

The Bible says, “In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God”. This closely corresponds with the latest scientific version of the “big bang theory” and the “string theory” that “everything in universe vibrates”. Thick-solid, apparently inorganic and lifeless matter like rocks look like solid matter, but all in actuality are energy forms, throbbing with life-consciousness, and vibrating at very small frequencies. At the violet end of the spectrum, light vibrates at a very high frequency, but it has a very stumpy frequency art the red corner.

Consequently, as energy structures, we as human beings are also vibrating. contained by a certain array of frequencies, the human ear is equipped to recognize vibrations as what we identify as “sound”. Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of healthy sound frequencies to the body and mind of an effected person, with the objective of transporting them into a state of synchronization and well-being, fitness, and health.
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Mood Enhancing, Pain Relieving Music Therapy

As anyone can testify, music impacts us in profound ways. Gentle songs soothe, anthems stir, while heavy metal generates a frenetic frenzy in listeners. As medical doctors, psychiatrists, therapists begin to acknowledge the power of sound; they have begun to use it for in a variety of ways and have found music to have many therapeutic uses.

Music therapy, not only helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety and pain; hospitals have begun to play music in surgeries and operating theatres to reduce the need for anaesthesia and pain medication. Live music has helped enhance and improve the mood of patients, counteracted their depression, helped calm and sedate, promoted movement during physical rehab., counteracted fear, relaxed and reduced muscle tension and induced sleep. Nursing homes too, have reported a boost in mental, social and physical functioning of its residents who have had digital music played to them on a regular basis. Music therapy can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Relieving before and after surgery anxiety.
  • Reducing stress in Intensive Care Units.
  • Reducing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.
  • Helping women in labour to forego anaesthesia.
  • Relaxing infants and children.
  • Breaking the cycle of pain in people with chronic pain.
  • Helping stroke patients and people with Parkinson's disease walk normally.
  • Reducing anxiety during examination of the lower colon and rectum for potentially cancerous polyps.
  • Reducing stress in healthy persons.
  • Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist advises you to try digital music therapy, listen to digital music, play a musical instrument, sing or write the lyrics for a song, or simply listen to the sounds of nature i.e. the chirruping of a bird, the rustling sound of leaves, the soughing of the wind amongst tree branches. You will be surprised to find yourself relaxing as the body rhythms get in sync and vibrate to the sounds of nature!

    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Intangible Benefits of Digital Music

    Digital music, music without words, delves deep into the sub-conscious and unconscious arenas of our mind thereby operating at the subtler planes of human consciousness and a comprehensive development of a person /s. Since human mind cannot give any tangible meaning to the digital music devoid of words consequently, the human soul is left with no alternate but to be absorbed in the vibrations and let the rhythm take over. Then it goes in to the deeper mental and emotional regions and c omplexes, thereby untying all the psychic knots. This ensues greater harmony and well-being as “A Sound maind can live in a sound body only”.

    Digital music rejuvenates our souls. For Shakespeare music is “food for love”. Music bids us respite from tensions in numerously countless ways. It facilitates emotional opening and breaking the disease causing psychological barriers. It motivates us to examine ourselves, our lives and our relationships. Through our mind and emotion, music can reduce stress.
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    Digital Music: Directs the Energy Levels

    One of the greatest challenges in Life, as Human Beings, is to elegantly direct our energy levels at particular times of our artificial 24 hour cycle, we call a day. How to get ourselves motivated to feel awake & accomplish conscious activity, then relax ourselves to regroup & sleep, as well as the awareness states in between, to achieve the levels of knowing, bodily ease & learning memory, without too much artificial help is the daily challenge we all face.
    Use musical therapy as a guide to tempos which create desired energy or relaxation levels, without side effects, in order easily manage, the graceful ebb & flow, of the daily awareness spectrum of wakefulness, relaxation & learning memory you require at the time.

    Dr.Julie explains you how Digital Music helps in directing your energy levels at the right path.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Music Therapy: A Woman’s Wisdom

    Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, a gynaecologist and author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”, “The Wisdom of Menopause”, advises the best approach to stress management is a happier outlook on life. She maintains emotional, mental and physical help with 8 to 10-hours of night sleep, healthy meals in a pleasant environment, short, regular breaks while at work and from work, and believes they are some of the best ways of nourishing mind and body to help one to relax and minimise stress. She, further, advises a regular routine of exercise to increase the endorphin (mood enhancing brain chemicals or happy hormones) levels in the body, definite mood boosters. You can add a touch of magic to these simple stress management techniques, by putting on appropriate digital music CD to increase the pleasantness of a delicious meal, to help drift of in to a relaxing sleep, or add fun to an exercise regime by doing it to the lively beat of foot tapping rhythms.

    Whatever, you do to beat stress or guilt, digital music is the perfect accompaniment, the best stress buster. Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist advises you to play the music of your choice as you explore your thoughts or charge your emotions. Feel good as you get to the root of your emotions listening to digital music. Let positive thoughts replace the anxiety and guilt as you relax!

    Music Therapy improves communal dexterity

    Music has a great healing power. It helps in healing various psychiatric problems and disorders. Psychiatric disorders can often impair social interaction and social skills. Music therapy can provide opportunities for safe group and individual musical experiences, address how people interact with their environment and examine how they affect their environment.

    Digital Music can encourage communal dexterity among patients. The interaction may take the form of talking about thoughts and feelings, contributing to group experience, cooperating with others or responding to others' needs
    To know more about digital music Visit Dr Julie

    Vibrational Music as a medicine

    Digital Music is also named as the Vibrational medicine which is based on the idea that all illness or disease is characterized by blockage in the channels on some level, either in nadis, meridians, arteries, veins, or nerves When there is a blockage, the organ in question stops vibrating at a healthy frequency and thus it results in some kind of illness.
    Through sound and light, one can break up,dissolve and release the blockages that initiate in our light or etheric body.Ultrasound of Digital Music has been used medically for almost two decades as a diagnostic tool by pediatricians while the baby is in the very early stages of fetal development. More recently, ultrasound is being used to cleanse clogged arteries. Ultrasound works on the same principle of light equals sound and tone equals radiance manifesting in form.
    So we can say that the Vibrational sound has the great healing power.
    Dr. Julie Trudeau would like you to try it out yourself. Either slip on a digital music CD collection or strum a guitar or rattle some maracas or beat a rhythmic drum roll in sync with your heart beats! An outpouring of leashed emotions, you will find yourself much happier than when you started out!

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    Music- An inner sound

    Most of us have had the experience of listening to music which, if it has not profoundly moved us emotionally, has at the least put us in a better mood. Making other people's music also affects us, whether it be singing a tune in the shower or chanting in meditative practice. But making music of one's own, spontaneously improvising authentic sounds, alone or with others, can be a powerful tool for self-healing and self-actualization which is available to us at any time, no matter what our level of musical training or perceived ability. The impulse to sing, play, and communicate with others musically is basic. All of us possess it.

    As children we engage in these activities naturally and without self-consciousness. But the idea that everyone is musical is not common in our culture, and as adults we live with a deprivation of music- making, a division between the performer and listener. We are hungry for connections with music that are comfortable, inviting, and communal.

    In some parts of the world, music-making is an integral part of daily life and offers the unskilled, as well as the skilled, the opportunity to express them and participate in the community. In this country, we glorify the professional and the specialist, and our recordings emphasize the perfect performance without mistakes.

    Whatever the sounds, the process of letting them come from an inner place, hearing those sounds, and having them received nonjudgmental by open-minded listener(s) can be spiritually transforming and empowering for both creator and listener. And experiencing these sounds as MUSIC--cohesive, sensible and meaningful patterns that effectively communicate to others--can not only motivate one to acquire more performing skills and musical knowledge, but contribute immeasurably to self-esteem and communication skills in general. Digital music is the form of music and the medium to reach to hear the inner sound. Digital music helps in understanding the inner sounds of the person.

    To know more about digital music, visit Dr. Julie.

    Music:Reduces Stress Level

    Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.Studies have shown over and over again how quiet music can soothe adults and children. Use music to help bring down your stress levels and create a calm .Each of us has music we enjoy. While your normal fun music might be heavy and upbeat, it's important to find some sort of quiet music that you also like. It might be a smoky ballad, or classical works, or new age melodies or digital music. Whatever it is that works well for you , find two or three CDs to begin with and build your collection from there. Make time each day for a half hour of peace and quiet. Whether it's in the morning before you begin your day, in the afternoon when you can spare some time from your schedule, or in the evening when things get quiet and dark, it is important to give yourself that space to recharge. Music offers us relief from stress in many ways. It helps us to open ourselves emotionally and let loose with feelings that may be causing disease. It inspires us to examine ourselves, our lives and our relationships. Through our mind and emotion, music can reduce stress.
    People suffering from back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pain from injuries; all benefit from using music. Physical therapy is much more effective when combined with music. And burn victims experience much less pain when music they choose and enjoy is employed during their treatments. Individuals suffering from depression need less medication and have more success in psychotherapy when music is added to their course of treatment

    Dr. Julie Trudeau,trained therapist advises you to distract, motivate, create pleasant associations by playing your favourite digital music while doing household or unpleasant chores

    Monday, December 05, 2005

    Music: Improve health and performance

    Many physiological changes occur as a result of being startled by a loud noise, but the pleasant, organized sounds, such as digital music, affect the mind, body and mood

    Researchers have uncovered an astonishing number of benefits derived from listening to music. Evidently, music has the power to energize, soothe, change emotional outlook, boost immunity, reduce pain, speed recovery, lower blood pressure, improve focus and IQ as well as aid weight loss. Though hearing is a physiological process involving the ears, brain, body and nervous system. Music, like all sound energy, can drive changes in our minds and bodies as we listen to it.
    Evidence suggests music influences physiological arousal in the expected direction ... exciting music leads to increased arousal, calming music the reverse. Thus, on a physiological level, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rates, muscular tension, motor responses and skin temperature tend to increase in response to loud, fast-paced music and decrease in response to slow, soft music.
    To know more about music and how it improves the health and performance.Visit Dr Julie

    Music Therapy: Cymatic Cures

    Cymatics, a word coined from the Greek word kyma (great waves) for sound therapy has been a part of numerous ancient traditions who used sound, particularly drumbeats, music, or chanting in the healing of the mind, body and spirit.

    Cynmatic therapy is a therapy that uses instruments to send sound waves through the skin, directly in to the body. Its practitioners believe that sound has an unlimited potential for being used as a healing tool as it has the power to rearrange the human body’s molecular structure. There are many claims for the successful treatment of terminal or otherwise incurable diseases, including internal bruises, tumours, blood diseases, viral or bacterial infections, calcified joints, and a host of other physical ailments.

    As the mechanical vibrations of sound travel through air, water or the human body, the entire body vibrates and produces either a healthy, “harmonious frequency” or an “unhealthy, disharmonious frequency”. Current day cymatic therapists use computerised instruments to direct healing sound frequencies to help restore resonance and harmony in the body. Related to those emitted by healthy body parts or organs, the healing frequencies stimulate the immune system and other regulatory functions into performing in a healthy manner, simply by directing and transmitting sound frequencies along acupuncture meridians. When the body’s frequencies align and become harmonious, it can heal itself without drugs or surgery.

    It does not require expensive instruments and cymatic or sound therapy can be conducted even with simple tuning forks. Free of side effects, only those fitted with a cardiac pacemaker are best advised to avoid sound therapy.
    Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has the necessary digital music sounds to harmonise your body frequencies. Healthy, digital music that disallows inharmonious body vibrations!

    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Digital Music: Healing with sound a Part of every culture

    Every culture has the different strategies of healing but it is really amazing to see that every culture in a way or other has the technique of healing through Music. Many cultures recognize the importance of music and sound as a healing power. In the ancient civilizations of India, the Orient, Africa, and Europe and among the Aboriginal and American Indians, the practice of using sound to heal and achieve balance from within has existed for many years.
    The Tibetans still use bells, chimes, bowls, and chanting as the foundation of their spiritual practice. In Bali, Indonesia, the echoing gamelang, gong, and drum are used in ceremonies to uplift and send messages.
    The Australian Aboriginal and Native American shamanists use vocal toning and repetitive sound vibration with instruments created from nature in sacred ceremony to adjust any imbalance of the spirit, emotions or physical being.

    There is a direct link between different parts of the body and specific sounds. Such a technique appears extremely old; yet healing through sound goes back even further at least as far back as Atlantis where the power of sound was combined with the power of crystal.
    To know more about Digital Music visit Dr Julie

    Digital Music: SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower

    Buy CD- SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower

    The SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower is created to represent our invisible, metaphysical vibrational bodies , which are the dynamic coordinates pre-determing our primary sensory physical life in the 3 dimensions on Earth. It is said we manifest our higher self or genius states when the subtle bodies are in relative dynamic harmony with one another. Use this vibrational sculpture to abstractly ponder & appreciate your various vibrational bodies, projecting into the time flow in orderto manifest greater genius states & be more of your higher self in waking consciousness, as well as getting better acquainted with them so we can receive their special messages of light & Universal Love as well as benefit from their special functions.

    Allow the SUPER COSMIC Sonic Rainbow Shower to stimulate and make your subtle vibrational bodies dance on digital music in an ever integrating style as to open the doorway to genius states and to manifest more often, the whole poise, wisdom & peacefulness of the creative or higher self to taste its blissfulness, and nourish our lives with its gracefulness.

    Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body - by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & fractal pattern of Life with the help of the Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational resonance attunement fractal musical instrument!

    Music Therapy: Sound Healing

    Sound therapy or music therapy may have become a new age fad but it has been around for many thousands of years. A fundamental component of all major world religions, millions of Hindus chant the Sanskrit mantra “Om” daily to purify and cleanse mind, body, and soul. Buddhists recite prayers and mantras. Jews and Christians sing hymns and cantorial melodies, while the muezzin chants out his call asking the Muslims to prayer. Sufis, (a mysterious branch of Islam), believe higher states of consciousness can be achieved by concentrating on reverberations of bells and echoes, and Judaism’s mystical Kabbala, similar to the Hindus “Om”, teaches one can connect with the Divine energy by chanting certain vowel sounds.

    The fact that all nerves from our brain lead to the ear, and music / sounds help induce us into a state of relaxation, affecting our breathing, heart rate and digestion. It is, therefore, to be concluded sacred chants of all religions charge our brain’s cortex, which explains the transforming power of certain vocal and musical sounds.

    Sound vibration is what helps us to heal, and modern physics confirm and teach all matter, even our bodies are in a constant state of vibration. We fall ill when a contra-vibration enforces itself over our normal vibration, but sound can harmonise the disharmonious vibrations restoring us to normal health.

    Much research and healing work is being carried out with sound and music, mostly in rehab. It is being used as a complementary medicine to help people recover from head injuries and strokes, to ease the side effects of chemotherapy by effectively controlling the pain and nausea.

    Dr. Julie Trudeau,trained therapist advises you to distract, motivate, create pleasant associations by playing your favourite digital music while doing household or unpleasant chores. Hum, chant to induce a state of relaxation, and meditate for spiritual enlightenment, simply by playing soft, soothing digital music!

    Music Therapy: Healthy Rhythms

    As music therapists continue to expound the healing effects of sound, and that we can drum our way to better health or sing our way to serenity or tune our immune system with a tuning fork, science has begun to confirm the restorative powers of music and chanting to rhythmic beats.

    Science and scientists will have it; the oldest sound in the world is of the 2.5-billion years black hole that emits a constant deep musical humming note. And, as yeast cells in a laboratory emit high-pitched clicks, one can listen to the vibrations of the moving cell membranes, perhaps it might one day be possible to distinguish healthy from unhealthy cells from their sound.

    Abundant evidence that everything in the universe from stars to cells to birds to bees to dolphins to crickets to humans send and receive waves of sound, every cell is alive with the music of life, which has the power to influence how we think, feel and act. This dawning awareness that sound heals has led to the formation of music therapy groups, drum circles, digital music CD productions by Integrative Medicine specialists, and colleges / universities awarding degrees in music therapy.

    Body rhythms are known to accelerate or decelerate depending on the rhythmic pace of music, and blood flows in the brain vary according sounds heard. Melody acts on the brain's emotional core, the limbic system, known to move us to joy, sadness, awe, fear and peace. Researchers looking at physiological changes in volunteers as they listened to music, found clichés about music hold true. Rapid tempo music induces happiness, while slow tempos trigger a melancholic sadness. Even, the deaf are known to sense sound vibration in the part of the brain that is normally used for hearing.

    Music therapy is also beneficial for people undergoing medical procedures, such as bone marrow transplants. Singing bowls have induced a profound physical effect on patients suffering from chronic back pain. They can now manage the pain with minimum medication and no longer require physical therapy. Alzheimer patients, who have lost language and memory skills respond to rhythm and melody by calming down,

    Rhythmic drumming has been found to increase cortisol, a hormone balance beneficial to the body’s immune system, and people suffering from painful lupus have been known to become pain-free, no longer requiring medication.

    Till then, Dr. Julie Trudeau advises turning up the volume, singing in the shower, tapping out a rhythmic beat, humming to yourself, revitalising and boosting health, putting a groove in your workout, simply by playing a digital music CD. Feeling good, allow music to put you on the road to sound mental, emotional and physical health!

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Music: A Language Of Silence

    "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music" -Aldous Huxley.

    Music is a universal language that exceeds boundaries and bond people even thousands of miles apart. Music is a real form of universal language of the world. There are many reasons for the music to be the universal language. The prime reason is that, music is made up of 7 main notes. No matter, what part of the world you are, and what instrument you play, all the music created are one of the 7 notes.

    Secondly music is a form of art and because of this reason it has the potential to reach your heart and soul. You don’t have to be a patient or a psychologist to understand music. As long as any melody and rhythm make you feel yourself, it is the best doctor a person can find, and best remedy anyone can recommend.

    Thirdly music, like any other language can express any and every type of emotion. But where it scores more is where the words fell short of expressing, while music can go on and on vocalizing all that you ever want to say. So music and digital music has a great potential and thus it does not requires words and yet understood by all.

    To get more information about music or digital music, visit Dr. Julie Trudeau.

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