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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Intangible Benefits of Digital Music

Digital music, music without words, delves deep into the sub-conscious and unconscious arenas of our mind thereby operating at the subtler planes of human consciousness and a comprehensive development of a person /s. Since human mind cannot give any tangible meaning to the digital music devoid of words consequently, the human soul is left with no alternate but to be absorbed in the vibrations and let the rhythm take over. Then it goes in to the deeper mental and emotional regions and c omplexes, thereby untying all the psychic knots. This ensues greater harmony and well-being as “A Sound maind can live in a sound body only”.

Digital music rejuvenates our souls. For Shakespeare music is “food for love”. Music bids us respite from tensions in numerously countless ways. It facilitates emotional opening and breaking the disease causing psychological barriers. It motivates us to examine ourselves, our lives and our relationships. Through our mind and emotion, music can reduce stress.
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