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Monday, December 05, 2005

Music: Improve health and performance

Many physiological changes occur as a result of being startled by a loud noise, but the pleasant, organized sounds, such as digital music, affect the mind, body and mood

Researchers have uncovered an astonishing number of benefits derived from listening to music. Evidently, music has the power to energize, soothe, change emotional outlook, boost immunity, reduce pain, speed recovery, lower blood pressure, improve focus and IQ as well as aid weight loss. Though hearing is a physiological process involving the ears, brain, body and nervous system. Music, like all sound energy, can drive changes in our minds and bodies as we listen to it.
Evidence suggests music influences physiological arousal in the expected direction ... exciting music leads to increased arousal, calming music the reverse. Thus, on a physiological level, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rates, muscular tension, motor responses and skin temperature tend to increase in response to loud, fast-paced music and decrease in response to slow, soft music.
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