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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Music- An inner sound

Most of us have had the experience of listening to music which, if it has not profoundly moved us emotionally, has at the least put us in a better mood. Making other people's music also affects us, whether it be singing a tune in the shower or chanting in meditative practice. But making music of one's own, spontaneously improvising authentic sounds, alone or with others, can be a powerful tool for self-healing and self-actualization which is available to us at any time, no matter what our level of musical training or perceived ability. The impulse to sing, play, and communicate with others musically is basic. All of us possess it.

As children we engage in these activities naturally and without self-consciousness. But the idea that everyone is musical is not common in our culture, and as adults we live with a deprivation of music- making, a division between the performer and listener. We are hungry for connections with music that are comfortable, inviting, and communal.

In some parts of the world, music-making is an integral part of daily life and offers the unskilled, as well as the skilled, the opportunity to express them and participate in the community. In this country, we glorify the professional and the specialist, and our recordings emphasize the perfect performance without mistakes.

Whatever the sounds, the process of letting them come from an inner place, hearing those sounds, and having them received nonjudgmental by open-minded listener(s) can be spiritually transforming and empowering for both creator and listener. And experiencing these sounds as MUSIC--cohesive, sensible and meaningful patterns that effectively communicate to others--can not only motivate one to acquire more performing skills and musical knowledge, but contribute immeasurably to self-esteem and communication skills in general. Digital music is the form of music and the medium to reach to hear the inner sound. Digital music helps in understanding the inner sounds of the person.

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