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Friday, December 02, 2005

Music Therapy: Healthy Rhythms

As music therapists continue to expound the healing effects of sound, and that we can drum our way to better health or sing our way to serenity or tune our immune system with a tuning fork, science has begun to confirm the restorative powers of music and chanting to rhythmic beats.

Science and scientists will have it; the oldest sound in the world is of the 2.5-billion years black hole that emits a constant deep musical humming note. And, as yeast cells in a laboratory emit high-pitched clicks, one can listen to the vibrations of the moving cell membranes, perhaps it might one day be possible to distinguish healthy from unhealthy cells from their sound.

Abundant evidence that everything in the universe from stars to cells to birds to bees to dolphins to crickets to humans send and receive waves of sound, every cell is alive with the music of life, which has the power to influence how we think, feel and act. This dawning awareness that sound heals has led to the formation of music therapy groups, drum circles, digital music CD productions by Integrative Medicine specialists, and colleges / universities awarding degrees in music therapy.

Body rhythms are known to accelerate or decelerate depending on the rhythmic pace of music, and blood flows in the brain vary according sounds heard. Melody acts on the brain's emotional core, the limbic system, known to move us to joy, sadness, awe, fear and peace. Researchers looking at physiological changes in volunteers as they listened to music, found clichés about music hold true. Rapid tempo music induces happiness, while slow tempos trigger a melancholic sadness. Even, the deaf are known to sense sound vibration in the part of the brain that is normally used for hearing.

Music therapy is also beneficial for people undergoing medical procedures, such as bone marrow transplants. Singing bowls have induced a profound physical effect on patients suffering from chronic back pain. They can now manage the pain with minimum medication and no longer require physical therapy. Alzheimer patients, who have lost language and memory skills respond to rhythm and melody by calming down,

Rhythmic drumming has been found to increase cortisol, a hormone balance beneficial to the body’s immune system, and people suffering from painful lupus have been known to become pain-free, no longer requiring medication.

Till then, Dr. Julie Trudeau advises turning up the volume, singing in the shower, tapping out a rhythmic beat, humming to yourself, revitalising and boosting health, putting a groove in your workout, simply by playing a digital music CD. Feeling good, allow music to put you on the road to sound mental, emotional and physical health!


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