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Friday, December 02, 2005

Music Therapy: Sound Healing

Sound therapy or music therapy may have become a new age fad but it has been around for many thousands of years. A fundamental component of all major world religions, millions of Hindus chant the Sanskrit mantra “Om” daily to purify and cleanse mind, body, and soul. Buddhists recite prayers and mantras. Jews and Christians sing hymns and cantorial melodies, while the muezzin chants out his call asking the Muslims to prayer. Sufis, (a mysterious branch of Islam), believe higher states of consciousness can be achieved by concentrating on reverberations of bells and echoes, and Judaism’s mystical Kabbala, similar to the Hindus “Om”, teaches one can connect with the Divine energy by chanting certain vowel sounds.

The fact that all nerves from our brain lead to the ear, and music / sounds help induce us into a state of relaxation, affecting our breathing, heart rate and digestion. It is, therefore, to be concluded sacred chants of all religions charge our brain’s cortex, which explains the transforming power of certain vocal and musical sounds.

Sound vibration is what helps us to heal, and modern physics confirm and teach all matter, even our bodies are in a constant state of vibration. We fall ill when a contra-vibration enforces itself over our normal vibration, but sound can harmonise the disharmonious vibrations restoring us to normal health.

Much research and healing work is being carried out with sound and music, mostly in rehab. It is being used as a complementary medicine to help people recover from head injuries and strokes, to ease the side effects of chemotherapy by effectively controlling the pain and nausea.

Dr. Julie Trudeau,trained therapist advises you to distract, motivate, create pleasant associations by playing your favourite digital music while doing household or unpleasant chores. Hum, chant to induce a state of relaxation, and meditate for spiritual enlightenment, simply by playing soft, soothing digital music!


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