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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Music: Curing Stress

Traumatic events i.e.personal assaults from mugging, rape, human or natural disasters,accidents and armed conflict or military combat in countries like Sudan,Rwanda,Burundi,Somalia,Iraq,Gulf and Vietnam wars often leave survivors of these tragedies suffering from intense post-traumatic stress.

Scientists and doctors studying the disorder have discovered listening to different forms of music or learning to play a musical instrument e.g. drumming often effects a successful therapeutic cure. Conducting a study on victims of trauma, including Vietnam veterans, they found drumming altered brain-wave patterns, thereby greatly reducing stress.A sacred ritual in tribal societies, drumming has been used for healing purpose by the Africans,Australian Aborigines, Balinese,Native Americans,Celts,and others to drum for good health,rain,bountiful harvest, etc.

Relief from stress is essential and of the greatest importance, as it is the major cause of strokes, heart attacks, immune system break-down,among others. Listening to digital music or drumming in sync with our heartbeats, we can alter our brain-wave patterns and dramatically reduce stress. Music therapists affirm they have witnessed magical moments when music therapy and drumming helped return lost speech to many stroke patients. According to neuroscientists, music and rhythm receptors of our brains escape the early ravages of senility allowing us to affect a cure by listening to digital music. While, scholars scoff at music therapy cures, digital music continues to improve the quality of our lives and offers relief from pain and stress.

Slip on a digital music disc from Dr. Julie Trudeau's excellent selection of healing music, relax to the soothing strains, let the soft notes embrace you in their fold, meditate to sacred digital music as you heal yourself!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Music Therapy: A Complementary Medicine

Music therapy, a form of complementary medicine has begun to be widely used by trained therapists in overcoming emotional, intellectual, social and physical challenges. Geriatric nursing homes, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, schools, and community centres are all using music therapy for the well being of their inmates with a great degree of success.

Throughout the history of mankind, music has been a vehicle for expressing emotions, and profoundly affects our moods, while altering our breathing and heart rate, either by acting as a stimulant or a sedative. Non-toxic, with no harmful effects, music therapy is a safe remedy for alleviating emotional, social and physical ailments. Reducing stress, improving moods, and helping to relax, music can also act as an incentive to exercise, dance or jog the trail. It improves academic strengths, communication skills, attention spans and motor skills, and helps in pain management and behavioural therapy.

Our brain functions responding physically to music, let its rhythm guide our bodies into a pattern of slow, deep breathing inducing a feeling of calm and relaxing tense muscles. Extremely responsive to the volume and beat of music, heart rates and blood pressure speed up or slow down to match the tempo. Raising endorphins (natural pain relievers) levels in our bodies, music decreases stress hormone levels, thereby leading to a definite improvement in our bodily immune functions.

It not only sharpens mental acuity, music enhances memory and learning, so much so, children suffering from learning disabilities have shown a marked improvement. Known to raise productivity as a direct outcome of intense concentration, companies and industries encourage employees to listen to music at work.

A mood creator, movie makers exploit it by using music to create a mood of calm, tension, romance or excitement in the cinema audience. And, since time immemorial, mothers soothe babies, and send them to sleep to the sound of softly sung lullabies, which makes music a valuable therapeutic tool, especially for cranky newborns.

A sensory stimulation, music helps children learn to explore, express emotion and communicate effectively, it stimulates both the brain hemispheres, and marks an improvement in speech and language skills. Promoting self-esteem, it decreases stress, anxiety and pain, helping mothers in labour and post operation patients to recover successfully.

Brain damaged stroke patients, sufferers of traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions have been known to significantly improve as a result of practising music therapy.

Geriatric patients in nursing homes, prone to anxiety and depression, suffering from chronic painful diseases find, music not only provides enjoyment, relaxation, and relief from pain, it is also an opportunity for socialising and reminiscing. Music has a striking effect on Alzheimer patients, who have been known to focus and become more responsive for a brief time as music calms and decreases agitation, a common trait of the disease. Studies have proven elderly people who play a musical instrument are emotionally and physically more fit than their non-musical peers.

An effective tool for the mentally and emotionally ill, music therapy has enabled autistic children to relate to others and helped them improve their learning skills. The soothing, calming influence of music is used by psychiatrists and therapists to improve reality orientation in substance abusers, schizophrenics, paranoiacs, people with personality disorders, anxiety sufferers by making them participate, interact socially and develop coping skills by effective expression of their feelings.

Music relieves pain, anxiety, and depression of terminally ill patients, providing relief from pain by helping them relax.

Dr. Julie Trudeau strongly advocates digital music therapy, advising patients not to discontinue medications / therapies prescribed by their doctor without prior consultation. But, she does recommend listening to digital music as a cure from pain, anxiety and stress! The best cure of all, relax to the sound of digital music or jog off the pounds listening to it!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Digital Music:Boundless Healing Vistas

Digital Music has been created according to the different moods and penchant towards the music. It’s found that listening to particular kind on Music can boost mathematical reasoning, while the other may develop subtle mental faculties like ESP’s. Moreover Digital Music boosts brain power simply because it makes listeners feel better – relaxed and stimulated at the same time.

Digital music technology is going to play a significant role in the future of music therapy clinical practice as we begin to explore the possibilities. As we begin to explore and understand new areas of research and the implications for Digital Music technology in clinical practice, it will require that clinicians are well-versed and currently informed about technical innovations and progress. The development of other devices lies in the hands of forward thinking engineers and music therapists. That is why it is essential that Digital Music therapy students be introduced to music technology and encouraged to imagine and dream about the possibilities for clinical application.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Music Therapy: Science Proves the Power of Sound

A German physicist in the 18th century discovered that when a violin bow was scraped vertically across the rim of a metal plate,the sound waves produced created patterns in the sand sprinkled on the plate. Different musical tones caused the sand particles to move and create geometric patterns. And, in the 1960's H.Jenny, a Swiss scientist discovered the effects of sound waves on materials placed on metal plates.Low frequency sounds produced simple geometric shapes, while high sound frequencies created more complex patterns.The sound OH was found to produce a perfect circle, while the OM sound created a pattern resembling the Shri Yantra,, which is the ancient mandala for OM used in India for thousands of years. Ultimately, he concluded sound creates form and the entire human body has its own sound made up of the sounds produced by its cells, tissues and organs.

If your cells, tissues and organs produce sounds that are in harmony, your good health is assured. But, if stress or the trials and tribulations of modern day life bog you down, your body's sounds will fall out of harmony,and become jarringly disharmonious,thereby causing you to fall ill.It is important not only for the sounds created by your cells, tissues and organs to be in sync with each other, but it is also imperative that they are in harmony with the universal sounds. That is why the world over, traditional cultures chant, sing, meditate, conducting a kind of fine tuning to ensure mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Dr.Julie Trudeau,a trained therapist, has put together healing sounds that will help body sounds to get in sync inside out.Digital music sounds that will harmonise,easing stress, relaxing tense muscles,banishing depression, sound vibrations that will comfort you. Dr.Julie's hand-picked digital music sound vibrations will ensure a harmonious mind, body and soul connection for total well-being.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Healing with Digital Music

Digital music is a good way to promote health by deviation of stress and other strained elements that make their way in our busy lives. The best thing about digital music is that it can relieve stress anywhere and anytime it while driving, surfing ,working or playing.

Music Therapy is a distinctive appliance of music to augment individual lives by creating affirmative changes in human behavior. Music can be an efficient tool in encouraging the development of an individual in social, emotional, cognitive, learning areas. Music offers extensive variety of functions with the exceptional child, adolescent and adult in medical, institutional and educational settings. Music is valuable because it is a nonverbal form of communication, it is a natural reinforcer. It is immediate in time and provides motivation for practicing nonmusical skills. It is a successful medium because almost everyone responds positively to at least some kind of music. Music like meditation is an effective stress management tool also as it eliminates temper or anger in thoughts and words. Music enhances restful sleep, reduce the need for anesthesia in surgery, speed learning, lower blood pressure and boost immune response. It also enhances the power of visualization and meditation along with boosting the creative thinking and idea generation. So get ready to hit the breathtaking power of your mind.

Music Therapy: Sound Healing

Through millennia, music has been known to be a healing force that can work miraculous cures, and sound vibrations were used by ancient civilisations to cure, with traditional cultures that still survive understanding the remarkable healing power that lies in sound. As science explores the veracity of sound healing, it is beginning to find a permanent niche for itself in the field of holistic healthcare.

History tells us through the Bible about how David played his harp to lift King Saul's depression, and 2,600-year old Egyptian papyri have been discovered that refer to incantations cures for rheumatic pain and infertility. The ancient Greeks believed in the power of music to heal mind, body and soul, and used the flute and lyre to treat ailments such as sciatica and gout. Alexander the Great, while in a schizophrenic bout is known to have been restored to sanity by music played upon the lyre, and as an ancient Greek saying goes: "Men have song as a physician for pain."Greek Mathematician, philosopher, Pythagoras, had special incantations and songs chanted and sung to particular airs and rhythms for curing mind/body diseases.

To elucidate what sound healing is,it is a therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the mind/body of the sufferer, in order to bring them to a state of inner/outer harmony and good health. High sound frequencies activate our brains and affect the functions of our rational minds i.e.thinking, spatial perception and memory. Listening to musical sound vibrations increases our concentration and attentiveness. And,just as an opera singer causes glass to vibrate by matching the resonant frequency of the glass, by increasing the volume of their music notes, the resonance can cause the glass to shatter with the power of their singing.Similarly, modern medicine has found that sound waves can be used to break up and shatter kidney and gall stones.

Every cell, organ, bone in the body has its own resonant frequency.Combined they make a combined frequency like the instruments of an orchestra. Therefore, when one organ of the body is out of tune, it affects the whole body. But,a trained music therapist through sound healing can bring the diseased organ into harmony with the rest of the body, thus avoiding the need for drugs or surgery.

Dr. Julie Trudeau,a trained therapist can with the help of her selection of powerful rhythmic vibrations or digital music sounds make your weak vibrations lock into the vibration of her healing sounds, thereby affecting a complete cure of your ailments. Her digital music sounds, not only harmonise you from inside out, they are digital music sounds that can help you to hear your soul forming!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Music Therapy: The Power of Mantras

Logically, the unfamiliar will ask:'What are mantras?' A mantra is a transcendental sound or Vedic hymn that originated on the Indian sub-continent going back 5,000-years and more. They are sound vibrations that can deliver the mind from illusion. Chanting mantras or prayers is a mystical tradition found in every spiritual path in the world. They can be chanted softly, a repetition that aids one to meditate in a peaceful state of mind, they can be congregational singing of spiritually uplifting songs, prayers, or the sacred names given to the Supreme Being. The familiar process in spiritual traditions the world over, in Eastern traditions, they are called mantras, a process that assists us to focus our mind on the Supreme Being and spiritualise our consciousness.

Man means mind,tra means deliverance,and therefore,a spiritual mantra is the pure sound vibration for delivering the mind from material to spiritual consciousness.The goal of all spiritual paths, each tradition has their own prayers or mantras, but the Vedic mantras are especially powerful and effective in uniting us with the spiritual realm. "Vedic chanting along with classical music reduces stress, anxiety and depression.Ancient Indian culture is so devised that it encourages listening to or chanting Vedic hymns to enhance memory and power of concentration.It has been found that Indian children have more capacity to learn with better memory when brought up on Vedic chanting and music, than those in western countries." according to Dr Krishnamoorthy Srinivas,a senior neurologist.

Many years ago,Brahmin priests accomplished many wondrous deeds simply by chanting particular mantras.Even today, you can chant mantras, prayers or listen to musical sound vibrations to help cure tired,stressed out minds,bodies and souls."Mantras or musical sound vibrations start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form.Over time,the mantra process begins to override all of the other smaller vibrations, which eventually become absorbed by the mantra.After a length of time which varies from individual to individual, the great wave of the mantra stills all other vibrations. Ultimately, the mantra produces a state where the organism vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spiritual state represented by and contained within the mantra."

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist confirms that mantras, chants, prayers and digital music sound vibrations have a great power to heal. She has put together special digital music sounds that calm and de-stress you from head to toe, from inside out. Her selection of digital musical sounds will work their positive magic as you put yourself on the road to mental well-being and physical good health! Simply put on a track of her healing digital music sounds and find out for yourself.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Digital Music: Leading to emotional fulfilment

Digital Music boosts inner peace and thus helps in attaining the self realization which is the main motive of the human birth. Humankind is intriscially musical. Regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or nationality, music speaks to us all. Music rises above income level, social class, and education. Music makes us cry, shiver, dance, sing and evokes myriads of panoramic memories, sometimes happy and sometimes even painful. Understandably, music is often associated with the language of emotions. Musicians discovered that digital music can change metabolic rates, increase or decrease blood pressure, effect energy levels, and digestion, positively or negatively, depending on the type of music. Calming music, such as classical music was found to have a very calming effect on the body. Both hemispheres of the brain are involved in processing music.

Yet, the great majority of experimental studies investigate music as a non-verbal language, rarely as the language of emotions. It is believed that an emotional interpretation of the music is highly personal, connected to individual experiences and not accessible to scientific research. So, to understand the relation between music and emotion it is important to identify clearly the intrinsic motivation to engage in musical experiences.

Various Musical experiences can be attained by the variety of collections of Musical Vibrations. These musical vibrations are very different from the regular music we hear. Digital Music helps in the self development of the person and thus helps is the self realization and the realization of the supreme. Digital Music helps in uplifting the mind, opening the heart, growing your attitude of gratitude, building inner peace, contemplative meditation ideas, spiritual inspiration, faith fortification, praise & worship or simply celebrating the Sacred Love of Life.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Music Therapy: With the Power to Heal

Throughout his history, man has believed music to have lasting effects physically, emotionally and mentally, including on the corresponding centres and their organs.

Before music became a source of entertainment, it was a primary source of healing and a sublime connection to the divine. A sacred art, from its rich past in cultures worldwide, to the present day, the healing power of music continues to be used in the cure of ailments that plague mankind. Affecting the chakras and auric fields that surround us, sound vibrations i.e. musical melodies, rhythms and harmonies can help us get in sync with the healing energies of the universe, and thereby cure human, animal or plant diseases.

Creating, playing or listening to musical sound vibrations supports the bodies own healing strategies at a cellular level, and if you can make sound and feel vibrations, you have the natural power to heal yourself and others. Powerful prayers, mantra recitations, pujas (religious
ceremonies) of Hinduism and Buddhism have been used for millennia to treat stress, illness, supporting and aiding in traditional medical therapies.

Similarly, Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has put together musical sound vibrations that are guaranteed to cure you of anything that happens to ail you. Her selection of digital music sounds will not only de-stress, but will energise and stimulate or calm and sooth you into a meditative trance. For total healing and well being, put on a track of Dr. Julie's digital music sound vibrations for a complete cure.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Music Therapy: The Healing Sound of Music

Since time immemorial, the human race has utilised the magical sounds of music to call forth healing Spirits to help banish evil forces, to dispel malignant energies that cause illness, and to help comfort and create wellness of mind, body and soul. Around the world, indigenous societies have cured everything from schizophrenia to snake bites with the power of music.

Music that is sound vibrations, sound that is vibrational energy. Every vibratory sound we hear affects us, affects us physically, as well as, our thoughts, emotions and memories. If our vibrations are not in sync, we fall ill and experience the debilitating force of various diseases. But, we can use musical vibrations as catalysts for healing humans, animals and plants by putting a tune back in our out of sync vibrations, disharmonious vibrations that cause us to feel unwell.

The world may have discarded music as a healing tool, but science is again discovering its many benefits and its effectiveness in medical healing. It not only reduces stress and high blood pressure, cures cancer, it works its magical wonder on numerous human, animal and plant diseases.

With their own unique vibrational frequency, our body parts in order to function, perform tasks and remain healthy, must be in co-ordination with each other, in perfect harmony. Music therapists in healing sessions create music consisting of a pattern of vibrations to help re-tune energy fields of ailing patients. Conduits of healing energies, music therapists can only heal if patients are ready consciously and sub-consciously, if they have unswerving faith in the process. It is not a miraculous, instant healing, but a healing that takes place over time, as patients listen to the carefully selected music compilations that will re-tune their out of tune vibrations.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has put together, just such a compilation of digital music notes to help co-ordinate the vibrations of your mind, body and soul. A tried and tested range of digital music notes that heal and cure, guaranteeing complete satisfaction. You can select any piece of digital music from her wide ranging selection of music CDs. She promises you will listen your way to total wellness and complete well-being .

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Digital Music as a therapy

Digital Music, when utilizes as a therapeutic tool falls into the realm of behavioral and psychological support services. Music can be used to stimulate interaction, memory, and affective response. It encourages interaction between listeners and between listeners and the performer. After the two World Wars, volunteers at Veterans hospitals began to play music and sing for patients. Positive responses to this musical support led hospitals to hire musicians directly, and formal music training programs for health care applications began to appear.

This active stimulation presumes that the clients are awake and capable of response. It can be used to stimulate energy if the patient is lethargic, or to calm the patient if there is too much energy. Music therapy presumes that a positive change in mood or behavior can be brought about in the listener.

Music Therapy: Music that Heals

Those in the know will tell you music is the key to good mental and physical health. Whenever, you feel depressed or low, don't down anti-depressant pills, just put on a track of healing music, music that banishes the blues as its notes engulf you in a soothing embrace. Music recharges you, energises and stimulates feel good emotions and feelings. It holds different meaning for different people, calming, relaxing, energising, sharpening mental faculties, preparing one for meditation, it has great therapeutic value.

Affecting our brain, music restores and maintains emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health, and is known as Music Therapy. Whether, you sing, play a musical instrument or simply dance to its rhythmic beat, music has strong healing powers, strongly advocated for those with mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease, other age related conditions, physical disabilities, brain injuries, acute and chronic pain,including for mothers in labour.

When we listen to music, we relax and feel immensely happy as our brain orders our bodies to release endorphins or happy hormones. And, increased levels of endorphins decrease stress and depression levels as they help us to focus on tasks at hand. When used in tandem with other forms of treatment, music plays an important role in psychiatric and psychological problems.

Anyone who has studied the seven notes or sur of Indian music will tell you that they are a complete therapy in themselves. Sama Veda, a 4,000-year old Indian treatise on the Vedic Science of Music explains the effect of ragas (musical notes) on our inner consciousness. Ragas have been known to cure various ailments and scientific research has proven their effectiveness. The symptoms of indigestion, rheumatic arthritis, hyper-tension, anorexia, headaches, hyper-acidity, gall stones, coughs, constipation, piles, intestinal gas, diarrhoea, colitis, anaemia, hyper-tension and much, much more can be influenced by the sheer power of music.

And, chanting the Vedic 'Om', the first single syllable sound heard when the universe was created is considered divine, and chanting it can control pulse and blood pressures, relieve stress, alter neurological states, control the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, the endocrine and the nervous system . Music therapy may not affect a complete cure, but it does help physically and mentally challenged people; it helps develop better coping skills and enhances self-esteem in its listeners.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has complete faith in and recommends listening to the gentle sounds of digital music for stress relief and other ailments. Her selection of digital music sound vibrations will put you on the road to recovery, embracing you in digital music notes that let peace and serenity wash over you!

Music Therapy: Banishing Stress

Your head has barely hit the pillow when the alarm bell jars you awake, you hit the snooze button for a brief catnap and wake up late for work. Diving into the shower, scrambling into your clothes, grabbing a stale muffin or toast while dashing out to your car, roar down the driveway,
smack bang into a massive traffic jam can be the most stress inducing start to your work day. And, it doesn't help when you arrive at work late and with clients already waiting for you, while you face the music, the wrath of a Manager on the warpath. Of course, if that is your daily schedule, you are going to end up stressed out of your mind.

But, there are various natural remedies for your stress related symptoms that can help ease the knot at the pit of your stomach, the tense muscles and headache at the end of the day. You should give herbal therapy, massage, reflexology, meditation, yoga or sound or music therapy a try for easing the results of stress that manifest themselves in the form of tensely stiff knotted neck and shoulder muscles, headaches, ulcers and worse. Each of the natural cures listed above offer relief, and it is only a matter of finding out which of them works best for you. The best and the easiest is sound or music therapy, turn on the music as you cook your dinner or sip a cup of tea or read a book or meditate.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist believes in digital sound vibration music therapy to wash away the stress of each day. Of course, focusing on your breathing, inhaling deeply and allowing it to become slow and regular helps in de-stressing, as you listen to tracks of soothing digital music tracks compiled specifically for stress elimination. Dr. Julie advises you to concentrate on the silence between the notes of her digital music tracks, listening to the sounds
of nature, the crashing of ocean waves against cliff walls, the gentle lap of the ocean against the sandy shore, the calm of the deep forest. Or hum yourself to health to the sound of her digital music CDs, the sound of your own voice cutting stress and helping you to relax!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Music Therapy: MOOsically Inclined

Repeated studies have proven music to be a powerful tool that can bring subdued emotions to the surface, as you brim over in an ecstatic euphoria, or make you immensely happy, or have the tears pouring down your face or get you dancing and grooving to the rhythmic beat of digital music. Working to the sound of music not only eases stress and tension, it improves your concentration as well.

And, scientists have found music not only reduces stress, calms nerves and relaxes tense muscles in humans, they have found animals and plants like and respond well to music of their choice. Many farmers have noticed their cows produce more milk when they hear the slow tempo music of Beethoven, et al. But, unlike humans, they did not seem to like the peppy, cheery music of the Beatles. Perhaps, as cows can't dance they have no need to Get on the dance floorkind of digital moosic.Cows need more of being serenaded with soothing, calming music, moosic that helps de-stress and relax them, enough to let down the milk. Holstein-Friesians were noticed to produce a higher quantity of milk when soft, slow music was played to them, but fast music was seen to lower the milk yield. As an English dairy farmer said: "It's all about getting the right atmosphere. The less stressed the cows are, the more easily they let down the milk." And, unlike cows, chickens are known to respond well to hard rock like Pink Floyd.

Dr.Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist with deep knowledge about music sound vibrations and their affect on humans, as well as animals, has put together tracks of digital music that work on tense, tired, stressed out minds. Digital music sound vibrations that will help relax and unwind you after a stressful day at work, music that will energise and refresh you for another day at work..

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Digital Music: Comprehensive Healing

Digital music helps in reducing the perception of pain by providing sensitive and creative interventions. It puts people, in touch with their innermost self. Different kinds of music works upon different emotions of an individual, and releases the various incomplete emotions leading towards a total emotional fulfillment and healing of body, mind and soul. Music changes the biochemistry in our body and brain.

The beauty of the music lies in that both the listener and the player feel relieved after hearing and playing music. Also, one can listen to music anywhere, anytime, and in any situation- while working, exercising, relaxing, studying, and even while freaking out. If utilized in a directed way, music and sound play an integral part in mood altering and healing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Digital Music Helps in Removing Emotional and Psychological Complexes

Digital Music has the knack to be sensual and bring our deeply embedded emotions to the surface. It can treating problematic conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious impulses. Today’s life is definitely full of energy and activity but with that we all face stress due to busy prototype of life. We all have various stress problems due to various reasons that we also unaware of it. Due to this stress our personality gets changes as it results in lack of patience, anger, and mood swings etc. There are many methods for reducing stress. Out of them the best method is that of listening to the healing sound of music you like. Music plays a significant role for reducing stress. When you feel that the stress level is increasing just switch to the kind of music you like.

With time man has realised various effects of music …peace being one of them .With the advent of time man has become more intelligent, more innovative and thus more hyper .Human brain craves for rest and this is when meditation plays a role. And what can be better than to associate music with meditation .It replenishes our mind and allows us to transit to a state of tranquility from a state of restlessness .It relaxes our mind. Involving more than one sense. Meditating with music allows us to travel spiritually.

Slow Music Helps Prevent Car Accidents

According to the New Scientist, speed kills. Everyone knows that, but speed alone is not responsible for death by car accidents. The digital music you listen to is the other culprit. An Israeli researcher's study shows drivers who listen to metal, hard rock or fast tempo music while
driving are twice as likely to be involved in car crashes than those who listen to slow tempo rhythms.

Worrying news, indeed, as previous studies showed a link between loud music and dangerous driving. As a test, Warren Brodsky (Ben-Gurion University) put a group of 28-students with 7-years of driving experience through their paces on a driving simulator. They drove around the virtual streets of Chicago listening to different pieces of music or no music at all. They heard tracks of loud digital music in a variety of styles from easy George Benson ballads to ultra-fast dance numbers played in discos for the clubbers.

Brodsky noticed as the music tempo increased, the test drivers took more risks, jumping red lights, pressing down on the gas pedal and crashing into other cars. Monitoring their heart rate, he found it fluctuated less when no music or slow music was played, a variation that suggests
the kind of music you listen to can distract drivers and make them less alert. Findings that make Brodsky recommend listening to slow tempo music at lower volumes, if you wish to drive safe.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has a series of digital music tracks that will ensure you drive safe, digital music that won't distract as you negotiate the fast moving traffic streams. Her digital sound vibrations will help soothe and calm your nerves as you get held up in traffic jams. Dr. Julie's digital music tracks allow you to concentrate on getting home safely to your family and kids!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Music Therapy: Vibrating Strands of Energy

With striding advances made in the field of science comes the affirmation that the knowledge taught and practiced by ancient sages of the ancient world i.e. as the universe vibrates and hums, the trillions of cells in our bodies respond vibrating in one grand harmonious symphony of sound. Sound vibrations that have their own fields of energy, energy fields that vibrate in sync with other energy fields, to ensure physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

As our whole body from the cells to the organs and tissues vibrate sending out sound frequencies that resonate within us, frequencies and vibrations that interact with others in our environment. And, the vibrations and sounds that fill our world are powerful enough to change our body's sound symphony, improving or damaging our health depending on our bodies react to the environment's sound vibrations. Likewise, the vibrating sounds that emanate from our bodies can bear a great influence on and change our surrounding environment.

Ancient healers, philosophers taught that we should live according to the principle of vibration i.e. everything is in motion and this motion is responsible for making everything vibrate. For millennia, Hindu and Buddhist sages taught prayer chants and mantras to lead us to complete wholeness of mind, body and soul. Even the Chinese believed and continue to do so today, that particular healing sounds are associated with one particular organ out of the body's five organ parts, helping to balance body and emotions.

Dr.Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has compiled a selection of healing sounds, sounds guaranteed to harmonise the vibrational sounds emanating from your body, vibrating strands of energy that will energise and stimulate each cell in the body, making it a harmonious symphony of strings! Music therapy at its healing best!

Digital Music: Physical and Psychic Healing

Digital music is a therapeutic inspiration having a vast potency to abet in healing and positive and curative transformation of human psyche. Sound can influence us at the corporeal, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual planes. Yoga therapists also prescribe various mantras effecting and heightening the different levels of human consciousness, corresponded by the chakras (with each chakra having a different mantra, the sound vibration, for its opening and development).

Mantras (sounds received through revelation), vowel sounds and harmonics are most potent for curative, harmonizing, orientation, and synchronization purposes. Apart from listening to either recorded or live music, chanting can also be very efficient for comprehensive human development. On the physical, sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure thus. This is a scientific fact. As we know, everything in the universe is in a state of vibration, from the chair you may be sitting in to the pages of this magazine. One of the basic concepts of healing with sound on the physical body is to project the correct resonant frequency of the organ, or whatever is out of balance, back into the body.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Music Therapy: The Power of Music

What is the secret of digital music's strange power? The last exhilarating operatic crescendo has the power to bring tears to our eyes, send shivers down our spines. Background music scores in moves or TV sitcoms add an emotive punch, stirring military music has everyone in a nationalistic fervour, and parents croon soothingly to calm or put infants to sleep. Indeed, music appreciation seems inborn as even 2-months old infants turn towards pleasant sounds or screwing up their faces to break into wails at dissonant ones.

A symphony's grand finale can cause delicious chills or goose bumps, in much the same manner eating chocolate lights up the pleasure centres of our brains. Therein, lies music's intriguing biological mystery. Universally loved, uniquely powerful, it wrings emotions and is all encompassingly important to us. So important that G.F. Miller (University of New Mexico) believes it enhanced human survival by aiding courtship. So important, that R.M. Dunbar (University of Liverpool) believes it promoted social cohesion in groups that had grown too large. So important that Steven Pinker (Harvard University) calls it "auditory cheesecake", a fortunate accident of evolution that tickles our brain's fancy. Despite, their extensive research neuro-scientists still don't have all the answers, but they have seen and recorded the beneficial effects of music and know that it helps in emotional, mental, spiritual and physical good health and well-being.

Dr. Julie Trudeau with her training as a therapist has put together a selection of wonderful sound vibrations, digital music vibrations that will elicit feeling and emotions, you didn't believe you were capable of. Listen your way to good health and emotional, mental and spiritual well being with Dr. Julie's digital music tracks!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Music Therapy: Busting Stress

A University of Hawaii music professor is known to claim classical digital music; especially compositions by Bach are the greatest stress busters. He relates how while in medical college, all kinds of music was tested on patients, colleagues and others, but Bach's music was found to consistently make the brain work in a balanced harmony compared to other genres of music. According to him, loudness, tempo, dissonant and poor tone quality are factors that can affect our health, behaviour and emotions.

Music has great therapeutic value, it not only relieves pain and stress, it calms the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, it motivates physical responses for healing and growth, and stimulate creative thinking. It is also useful in helping senior citizens who suffer from Alzheimer's
disease and other forms of dementias. The cadence of music notes stimulate "feel good chemicals" in our bodies, including physical systems that assist in reducing and eliminating the effects of stress. So much so, certain music has been known to slow down stress hormone production in our bodies, which helps with ulcers, diarrhoea, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be used to regulate the heart rate of cardiac patients, who as a rule tend to be highly

Not only has it been found to be beneficial for humans, heartbeat recorded music has been known to soothe rambunctious young chimps in the same way it soothes human infants. As everyone knows, juvenile chimps can be pretty destructive, aggressive, excitedly noisy and quarrelsome. In a study, it was found playing soothing digital music to them saw them begin to relax, with some of them actually falling asleep. Every time they got riled up, playing of heartbeat digital music instantly mitigated their aggression.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has compiled a collection of soothing digital music sound vibrations, digital music, your best passport to enhancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Whenever, you feel stressed out or find yourself becoming inexplicably angry or agitated, play a digital music track of Dr. Julie's rainbow shower of healing vibrational sounds will ensure a blessed peace steals over you as you relax, unwind and feel happy, at total peace with the world!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Music Therapy: A Quest for Spiritual & Physical Harmony

More and more scientific studies are proving that music is beneficial as long as you are listening to the right kind of notes. British Medical Journal conducted a study that showed how hard rock and heavy metal digital music can do incurable damage to the lungs. In another study
reported by Insight Magazine, physicist Dr. Harvey Bird (Fairleigh Dickinson University) and neurobiologist Dr. Gervasia Schreckenberg (Georgian Court College) experimented on the effect of music on animals. The three groups of mice used were each exposed to either voodoo music, Strauss Waltzes or plain silence. Music was played at low levels to ensure loud volume did not spoil the experiment. The mice were trained to run through a maze to find their food while listening to the music. The mice listening to voodoo music had great difficulty in finding their food, it either went bad or they were hopelessly lost. The other two groups faced no problems and found their food easily with the mice listening to Waltz music doing slightly better. All three groups were given 3-week break of silence, but the listeners of voodoo music continued to get lost while the others made their way back easily and found the food without any problems.

The experiment ended with a comparison and a check of the mice brains. The rock / voodoo group did not fair well, there was excessive branching of neuronal dentrites and significant increases in mRNA. Dr.Schreckenberg, the neurobiologist explains: "We believe that the mice were trying to compensate for this constant bombardment of disharmonic noise. They were struggling against the chaos. If more connections among the neurons had been made, it would have been a good thing. But instead there were no more connections, just wild growth of the neurons. As a result of the exposure to the disharmonic sounds, we believe there was less capacity for memory in the exposed mice."

In the words of a high school student who conducted a similar experiment: "I had to cut my project short because all the hard-rock mice killed each other. None of the classical mice did that at all. "

Tracing the roots of rock music one begins with Big Band and Jazz, acouple more steps and there is New Orleans and Haiti, and ultimately back to the voodoo beat, the drum beat of Africa. Why is the music so debilitating. Because discordant music vibrations and beats create friction as energy from sound vibrations pass through the seven chakras or energy centres of our bodies i.e. crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, soul and base of our spine. If harmonious music sound vibrational energy passes through our charkas we end up physically healthy, emotionally happy, mentally at peace and spiritually in tune with the music of the Cosmos or the spheres.

So powerful is the sound of music that even water is affected by song lyrics and musical tones. Subjecting water and water crystals to different sounds and swear words, Masaru Emoto found normal water turned to intricate crystal patterns of pure waster when prayed over or when classical music was played. Negative thoughts; swear words like Hitler and discordant music turned normal water into an unhealthy hue.

Beautiful thoughts and sounds make beautiful patterns. Many enlightened thinkers compare each soul to a crystal. We have unique patterns, colours and frequencies that make up our spiritual body. The spiritually inclined understand these principles and knew about sounds and music that help mankind connect with his divine potential and with God. Aristotle said: "Emotions of any kind are produced by melody and rhythm; therefore, by music a man becomes accustomed to feeling the right emotions; music has thus the power to form character, and the various kinds of music based on the various modes, may be distinguished by their effects on character, for example, working in the direction of melancholy, another of effeminacy; one encouraging abandonment, another self-control, another enthusiasm, and so on through the series."

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist can help you attain physical well being and attain your spiritual goal by listening to her compilation of sound vibrations. Play a track of her digital music while you say a prayer or chant mantras, meditate to calm and attune you to the subtle vibrations of the spirit. Let her music aid you in your quest for the Divine within and without.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Music Therapy: The Right Choice of Ragas

Music makes us feel good and relieves our stress and tension, gives welcome release to anger and makes us very happy as we listen to it. Ragas or music notes could well be the most well kept secret, a secret that could set you on a spiritual path. But, take heed; you should be very careful about the kind of digital music you listen to. Most of the music played today hinders rather then brings about a pleasurable feeling of well-being. And, there is enough documentary evidence to prove it is true.

Dr. John Diamond, Kinesiology expert and author of the book Your Body Doesn't Lie believing in the positive side of music discovered the consciousness and abilities of a music conductor can greatly affect the amount of energy coming from a music performance or a digital recording. So powerful is the effect of music that several books have been written on the power of music not only on humans but plants and animals, as well. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in their classic The Secret Life of Plants devote a whole chapter to The Harmonic Life of Plants. Dr. T.C. Singh, Dept. Head of Botany at Annamalai University discovered how ragas or Indian musical notes helped plants to grow. And, in the 1950s and 1960s several experiments carried out in Canada and USA found plants and crops grew faster and were much healthier when exposed to Bach, Gershwin and certain other sound vibrations and frequencies.

Mrs. Retallack, organist and mezzo soprano carried out carefully controlled experiments on the effect of music on summer squashes by dosing one group with heavy rock and the other with classical music. Squashes exposed to Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms, Schubert, etc. began to grow in he direction of the music transmitter, and twined themselves round it in a loving embrace. The squashes on a dose of hard, heavy metal and rock digital music grew in a direction as far as possible from the transmitter, even trying to slither up the slippery walls of their
cage. Experimenting on other plants and flowers, she found rock music either caused plants to grow too tall with small leaves or else remain stunted. Within a fortnight all the flowering plants had died, but a couple exposed to classical music had opened out and were in full flower. Also, she noticed plants exposed to rock drank a lot of water, enjoying their drink less with soil growth barely above an inch. Bringing her findings to the notice of sceptical scientists, they were immediately dismissed with flippant remarks like, "plants have no ears." But, we all know that is incorrect, digital music like everything else affects humans, plants and animals in the same way.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, trained therapist believing discordant music has an adverse effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual health has put together a rainbow hued collection of ragas or music notes. This rainbow shower of digital music will counteract the disharmonious sounds of present day music. Her sound vibrations will calm, soothe and induce a pleasant, happy state of mind. An endorphin producing track of harmonious sounds to put you back on an even keel!

Music Therapy: Refining our Way of Life

If you can hear the music of the spheres, the rhythm that strengthens realisation of evolution, then your heart is full of love and compassion. If your ears are open to higher harmonies, these musical sounds will intensify allowing the strings of your heart to echo in perfect harmony to the vibration of rhythms. Intoning of chants with emphasis on the rhythm, ringing of temple bells are intensely meaningful and have great power to heal. The ancients knew which sounds had the greatest effect, and even in the most primitive form of shamanism during prayers and ceremonials, a closed hand at the mouth of trumpets and flutes was used to strengthen and concentrate sound.

Musical vibrations are powerful enough to draw forth subtle feeling from the depths of the heart, bringing peace and averting evil. Sound vibrations that throw out fields of subtle energy can refine our entire way of living by increasing our sensitive and perceptiveness, evoking higher emotions by quelling the baser side of our natures, and purifying our spirits.

Dr. Julie Trudeau with her training in music therapy has put together music vibrations that have the power to arrest the growth of many diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, etc. by our psyche's reaction to digital music. Each track of her digital music CDs is compiled to harmonise the body's vibrations with the music of the spheres. A rainbow shower of digital music notes!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Digital Music: A great key to spirituality through meditation

Whenever we talk about the meditation we imagine that meditation needs the environment where no sounds and voices are present. Meditation is a spiritual practice which is performed in order to feel the inner soul. Meditation helps a person to feel the subsistence of the universal strength. Music plays a central function in the performance of meditation. The Digital music has various vibrational sounds which help in the process of meditation.

Generally digital music for meditation is light classic, but it can differ from person to person. Whenever we listen to the digital music for meditation we can feel the tones, dynamics and rhythms of the music, which takes the mind away from redundant or negative thinking. Digital music breaks our cycle of thought enough to allow my natural energy to flow freely again; thus making us more bouncy. Even listening to one piece of uplifting digital music can regulate our breathing, when it is frayed from feeling agitated.

Thus Digital Music has a great efficacy in the development of meditation.To know more about digital music,Visit Dr. Julie

Music Therapy: Inner and Outer Healing

When you put on a track of digital music, make certain that your choice of music is chosen with great care. Only that music should be played that harmonises and unifies our emotions, our body rhythms and synchronises the vibrations of our soul with that of the universal sound. Plato taught that music should not be heard or understood in a narrow sense alone; it should be understood as a participation in all harmonious arts. In simpler terms, he meant dance, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, speech, song, are all physical expressions of music.

Humanity misunderstands the concept of rhythm and the ancient teachings about the significance of rhythm are lost to it, as it indulges in cacophonous sounds that excite a frenzied fit of dancing. Scientists may have begun to speak about vibratory rhythm, but except for a few brave souls, they continue to remain silent about the beneficial effects of these sound vibrations. Musical rhythm is present in all creations, in all of life and serenity derived from harmonious sounds is within the grasp of anyone who listens to the vibrating sounds of digital music. Digital music has the power to evoke peace of mind and music can be utilised to bring harmony to our fractured world. It can help us merge with the Cosmos, co-ordinate with the Earth, as digital music brings about health and a healing of our inner and outer wounds.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has a supreme collection of rhythmic vibratory sounds, digital music tones that escaping from the CD track form a rainbow shower of echoes that resonate to the music of the spheres!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Digital Music: Effects of Music on health

Digital Music and the music have a great and positive effect on our health. Digital Music has been shown to increase endorphin levels which are the body's feel good hormones. They can reduce pain and induce a natural high. Research involving music therapy has shown that music relieves anxiety and provides distraction from pain by inducing the release of endorphins. In a research it is shown that music can decrease the level of stress hormones in the body significantly.

Stress is caused by the release of the hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. Music can trigger past romantic associations that the brain has linked with certain songs or pieces of music. This can summon intense romantic or sensual feelings from the past to manifest in the present. Digital Music can slow down or equalize brain waves.

The slower the brain waves, the more relaxed and peaceful we feel. Music reduces body tension and improves body movement. The auditory nerve connects the inner ear with all the muscles in the body (Vibroaccoustic memory). Music affects body temperature. Music, especially music with a strong beat can raise body temperature because musical energy dissipates as heat. There are great benefits of Digital Music on our good health. To know more about the digital music, Visit Dr. Julie.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Digital Music: A Subtle Healing Tone

Digital music is a subtle form of music. Music expresses the creation of our solar system. You are carried back to the primordial energy, from which the whole creation came into existence. This music carries you into new dimensions and melts away all images… peaceful silence remains. Music lets you experience a joyful heart and open mind. Beings eagerly willing to detach from all that has been obscuring their view must internalize these tones which may bring consciousness to the realization of the One in All - appearing in Noble Silence.

Digital music helps in the intensification of the positive emotions. Digital music reduces your stress level and increases the confidence in the person and thus making a positive change in the personality of the person. Whenever you feel frustrated just listen to that kind of digital music which can relax your mind and thus curing your stress level. So we can say that digital music is also in a way is helpful in stress management.

To know more ,Visit Dr. Julie

Music Therapy: Mind Cures with Indian Ragas

Music, specifically Indian classical music is known to work wonders in the field of holistic healthcare. There is substantial evidence to prove that mental complexities and disorders can be treated with spiritual music formulas and also digital music i.e. certain sequences of classical Indian ragas or musical notes. Soft lighting (light), the gentle strains of the Indian Veena (a plucking instrument) and paintings (visual imagery) have been used to effectively treat mental disorders. As individualism and materialism of today’s environment affect the balance of positive and negative consciousness of humans, negative consciousness can trammel the positive side of our nature, provoking undesirable emotions such as stress tension, anger, depression, and evil in our minds. On the other hand, listening to spiritual music will help develop compassion, human sensibility, modesty and overall well-being both physical and mental.

Dr. Julie Trudeau with extensive training and practice in music therapy has put together music ragas that will help overcome negative emotions, flooding you with a positivism, the direct outcome of digital music. Let Dr. Julie’s incredibly healing digital music ragas bear a positive influence on you life by putting on a track of her rainbow hued music notes!

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