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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Digital Music: Physical and Psychic Healing

Digital music is a therapeutic inspiration having a vast potency to abet in healing and positive and curative transformation of human psyche. Sound can influence us at the corporeal, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual planes. Yoga therapists also prescribe various mantras effecting and heightening the different levels of human consciousness, corresponded by the chakras (with each chakra having a different mantra, the sound vibration, for its opening and development).

Mantras (sounds received through revelation), vowel sounds and harmonics are most potent for curative, harmonizing, orientation, and synchronization purposes. Apart from listening to either recorded or live music, chanting can also be very efficient for comprehensive human development. On the physical, sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure thus. This is a scientific fact. As we know, everything in the universe is in a state of vibration, from the chair you may be sitting in to the pages of this magazine. One of the basic concepts of healing with sound on the physical body is to project the correct resonant frequency of the organ, or whatever is out of balance, back into the body.


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