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Monday, January 02, 2006

Digital Music: A Subtle Healing Tone

Digital music is a subtle form of music. Music expresses the creation of our solar system. You are carried back to the primordial energy, from which the whole creation came into existence. This music carries you into new dimensions and melts away all images… peaceful silence remains. Music lets you experience a joyful heart and open mind. Beings eagerly willing to detach from all that has been obscuring their view must internalize these tones which may bring consciousness to the realization of the One in All - appearing in Noble Silence.

Digital music helps in the intensification of the positive emotions. Digital music reduces your stress level and increases the confidence in the person and thus making a positive change in the personality of the person. Whenever you feel frustrated just listen to that kind of digital music which can relax your mind and thus curing your stress level. So we can say that digital music is also in a way is helpful in stress management.

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