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Friday, January 27, 2006

Digital Music:Boundless Healing Vistas

Digital Music has been created according to the different moods and penchant towards the music. It’s found that listening to particular kind on Music can boost mathematical reasoning, while the other may develop subtle mental faculties like ESP’s. Moreover Digital Music boosts brain power simply because it makes listeners feel better – relaxed and stimulated at the same time.

Digital music technology is going to play a significant role in the future of music therapy clinical practice as we begin to explore the possibilities. As we begin to explore and understand new areas of research and the implications for Digital Music technology in clinical practice, it will require that clinicians are well-versed and currently informed about technical innovations and progress. The development of other devices lies in the hands of forward thinking engineers and music therapists. That is why it is essential that Digital Music therapy students be introduced to music technology and encouraged to imagine and dream about the possibilities for clinical application.


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