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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Healing with Digital Music

Digital music is a good way to promote health by deviation of stress and other strained elements that make their way in our busy lives. The best thing about digital music is that it can relieve stress anywhere and anytime it while driving, surfing ,working or playing.

Music Therapy is a distinctive appliance of music to augment individual lives by creating affirmative changes in human behavior. Music can be an efficient tool in encouraging the development of an individual in social, emotional, cognitive, learning areas. Music offers extensive variety of functions with the exceptional child, adolescent and adult in medical, institutional and educational settings. Music is valuable because it is a nonverbal form of communication, it is a natural reinforcer. It is immediate in time and provides motivation for practicing nonmusical skills. It is a successful medium because almost everyone responds positively to at least some kind of music. Music like meditation is an effective stress management tool also as it eliminates temper or anger in thoughts and words. Music enhances restful sleep, reduce the need for anesthesia in surgery, speed learning, lower blood pressure and boost immune response. It also enhances the power of visualization and meditation along with boosting the creative thinking and idea generation. So get ready to hit the breathtaking power of your mind.


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