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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Music Therapy: Inner and Outer Healing

When you put on a track of digital music, make certain that your choice of music is chosen with great care. Only that music should be played that harmonises and unifies our emotions, our body rhythms and synchronises the vibrations of our soul with that of the universal sound. Plato taught that music should not be heard or understood in a narrow sense alone; it should be understood as a participation in all harmonious arts. In simpler terms, he meant dance, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, speech, song, are all physical expressions of music.

Humanity misunderstands the concept of rhythm and the ancient teachings about the significance of rhythm are lost to it, as it indulges in cacophonous sounds that excite a frenzied fit of dancing. Scientists may have begun to speak about vibratory rhythm, but except for a few brave souls, they continue to remain silent about the beneficial effects of these sound vibrations. Musical rhythm is present in all creations, in all of life and serenity derived from harmonious sounds is within the grasp of anyone who listens to the vibrating sounds of digital music. Digital music has the power to evoke peace of mind and music can be utilised to bring harmony to our fractured world. It can help us merge with the Cosmos, co-ordinate with the Earth, as digital music brings about health and a healing of our inner and outer wounds.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has a supreme collection of rhythmic vibratory sounds, digital music tones that escaping from the CD track form a rainbow shower of echoes that resonate to the music of the spheres!


At 1:14 AM, Blogger Monica said...

I use RAV Vast music therapy all the time it helps me focus concentrate majorly when I use the therapy. Everyday I listen to music and my thoughts are clear. RAV Vast are my hapi handpan.


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