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Monday, January 02, 2006

Music Therapy: Mind Cures with Indian Ragas

Music, specifically Indian classical music is known to work wonders in the field of holistic healthcare. There is substantial evidence to prove that mental complexities and disorders can be treated with spiritual music formulas and also digital music i.e. certain sequences of classical Indian ragas or musical notes. Soft lighting (light), the gentle strains of the Indian Veena (a plucking instrument) and paintings (visual imagery) have been used to effectively treat mental disorders. As individualism and materialism of today’s environment affect the balance of positive and negative consciousness of humans, negative consciousness can trammel the positive side of our nature, provoking undesirable emotions such as stress tension, anger, depression, and evil in our minds. On the other hand, listening to spiritual music will help develop compassion, human sensibility, modesty and overall well-being both physical and mental.

Dr. Julie Trudeau with extensive training and practice in music therapy has put together music ragas that will help overcome negative emotions, flooding you with a positivism, the direct outcome of digital music. Let Dr. Julie’s incredibly healing digital music ragas bear a positive influence on you life by putting on a track of her rainbow hued music notes!


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