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Monday, January 16, 2006

Music Therapy: MOOsically Inclined

Repeated studies have proven music to be a powerful tool that can bring subdued emotions to the surface, as you brim over in an ecstatic euphoria, or make you immensely happy, or have the tears pouring down your face or get you dancing and grooving to the rhythmic beat of digital music. Working to the sound of music not only eases stress and tension, it improves your concentration as well.

And, scientists have found music not only reduces stress, calms nerves and relaxes tense muscles in humans, they have found animals and plants like and respond well to music of their choice. Many farmers have noticed their cows produce more milk when they hear the slow tempo music of Beethoven, et al. But, unlike humans, they did not seem to like the peppy, cheery music of the Beatles. Perhaps, as cows can't dance they have no need to Get on the dance floorkind of digital moosic.Cows need more of being serenaded with soothing, calming music, moosic that helps de-stress and relax them, enough to let down the milk. Holstein-Friesians were noticed to produce a higher quantity of milk when soft, slow music was played to them, but fast music was seen to lower the milk yield. As an English dairy farmer said: "It's all about getting the right atmosphere. The less stressed the cows are, the more easily they let down the milk." And, unlike cows, chickens are known to respond well to hard rock like Pink Floyd.

Dr.Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist with deep knowledge about music sound vibrations and their affect on humans, as well as animals, has put together tracks of digital music that work on tense, tired, stressed out minds. Digital music sound vibrations that will help relax and unwind you after a stressful day at work, music that will energise and refresh you for another day at work..


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