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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Music Therapy: The Power of Music

What is the secret of digital music's strange power? The last exhilarating operatic crescendo has the power to bring tears to our eyes, send shivers down our spines. Background music scores in moves or TV sitcoms add an emotive punch, stirring military music has everyone in a nationalistic fervour, and parents croon soothingly to calm or put infants to sleep. Indeed, music appreciation seems inborn as even 2-months old infants turn towards pleasant sounds or screwing up their faces to break into wails at dissonant ones.

A symphony's grand finale can cause delicious chills or goose bumps, in much the same manner eating chocolate lights up the pleasure centres of our brains. Therein, lies music's intriguing biological mystery. Universally loved, uniquely powerful, it wrings emotions and is all encompassingly important to us. So important that G.F. Miller (University of New Mexico) believes it enhanced human survival by aiding courtship. So important, that R.M. Dunbar (University of Liverpool) believes it promoted social cohesion in groups that had grown too large. So important that Steven Pinker (Harvard University) calls it "auditory cheesecake", a fortunate accident of evolution that tickles our brain's fancy. Despite, their extensive research neuro-scientists still don't have all the answers, but they have seen and recorded the beneficial effects of music and know that it helps in emotional, mental, spiritual and physical good health and well-being.

Dr. Julie Trudeau with her training as a therapist has put together a selection of wonderful sound vibrations, digital music vibrations that will elicit feeling and emotions, you didn't believe you were capable of. Listen your way to good health and emotional, mental and spiritual well being with Dr. Julie's digital music tracks!


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