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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Music Therapy: The Right Choice of Ragas

Music makes us feel good and relieves our stress and tension, gives welcome release to anger and makes us very happy as we listen to it. Ragas or music notes could well be the most well kept secret, a secret that could set you on a spiritual path. But, take heed; you should be very careful about the kind of digital music you listen to. Most of the music played today hinders rather then brings about a pleasurable feeling of well-being. And, there is enough documentary evidence to prove it is true.

Dr. John Diamond, Kinesiology expert and author of the book Your Body Doesn't Lie believing in the positive side of music discovered the consciousness and abilities of a music conductor can greatly affect the amount of energy coming from a music performance or a digital recording. So powerful is the effect of music that several books have been written on the power of music not only on humans but plants and animals, as well. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in their classic The Secret Life of Plants devote a whole chapter to The Harmonic Life of Plants. Dr. T.C. Singh, Dept. Head of Botany at Annamalai University discovered how ragas or Indian musical notes helped plants to grow. And, in the 1950s and 1960s several experiments carried out in Canada and USA found plants and crops grew faster and were much healthier when exposed to Bach, Gershwin and certain other sound vibrations and frequencies.

Mrs. Retallack, organist and mezzo soprano carried out carefully controlled experiments on the effect of music on summer squashes by dosing one group with heavy rock and the other with classical music. Squashes exposed to Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms, Schubert, etc. began to grow in he direction of the music transmitter, and twined themselves round it in a loving embrace. The squashes on a dose of hard, heavy metal and rock digital music grew in a direction as far as possible from the transmitter, even trying to slither up the slippery walls of their
cage. Experimenting on other plants and flowers, she found rock music either caused plants to grow too tall with small leaves or else remain stunted. Within a fortnight all the flowering plants had died, but a couple exposed to classical music had opened out and were in full flower. Also, she noticed plants exposed to rock drank a lot of water, enjoying their drink less with soil growth barely above an inch. Bringing her findings to the notice of sceptical scientists, they were immediately dismissed with flippant remarks like, "plants have no ears." But, we all know that is incorrect, digital music like everything else affects humans, plants and animals in the same way.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, trained therapist believing discordant music has an adverse effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual health has put together a rainbow hued collection of ragas or music notes. This rainbow shower of digital music will counteract the disharmonious sounds of present day music. Her sound vibrations will calm, soothe and induce a pleasant, happy state of mind. An endorphin producing track of harmonious sounds to put you back on an even keel!


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