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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Music Therapy: Vibrating Strands of Energy

With striding advances made in the field of science comes the affirmation that the knowledge taught and practiced by ancient sages of the ancient world i.e. as the universe vibrates and hums, the trillions of cells in our bodies respond vibrating in one grand harmonious symphony of sound. Sound vibrations that have their own fields of energy, energy fields that vibrate in sync with other energy fields, to ensure physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

As our whole body from the cells to the organs and tissues vibrate sending out sound frequencies that resonate within us, frequencies and vibrations that interact with others in our environment. And, the vibrations and sounds that fill our world are powerful enough to change our body's sound symphony, improving or damaging our health depending on our bodies react to the environment's sound vibrations. Likewise, the vibrating sounds that emanate from our bodies can bear a great influence on and change our surrounding environment.

Ancient healers, philosophers taught that we should live according to the principle of vibration i.e. everything is in motion and this motion is responsible for making everything vibrate. For millennia, Hindu and Buddhist sages taught prayer chants and mantras to lead us to complete wholeness of mind, body and soul. Even the Chinese believed and continue to do so today, that particular healing sounds are associated with one particular organ out of the body's five organ parts, helping to balance body and emotions.

Dr.Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has compiled a selection of healing sounds, sounds guaranteed to harmonise the vibrational sounds emanating from your body, vibrating strands of energy that will energise and stimulate each cell in the body, making it a harmonious symphony of strings! Music therapy at its healing best!


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