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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Slow Music Helps Prevent Car Accidents

According to the New Scientist, speed kills. Everyone knows that, but speed alone is not responsible for death by car accidents. The digital music you listen to is the other culprit. An Israeli researcher's study shows drivers who listen to metal, hard rock or fast tempo music while
driving are twice as likely to be involved in car crashes than those who listen to slow tempo rhythms.

Worrying news, indeed, as previous studies showed a link between loud music and dangerous driving. As a test, Warren Brodsky (Ben-Gurion University) put a group of 28-students with 7-years of driving experience through their paces on a driving simulator. They drove around the virtual streets of Chicago listening to different pieces of music or no music at all. They heard tracks of loud digital music in a variety of styles from easy George Benson ballads to ultra-fast dance numbers played in discos for the clubbers.

Brodsky noticed as the music tempo increased, the test drivers took more risks, jumping red lights, pressing down on the gas pedal and crashing into other cars. Monitoring their heart rate, he found it fluctuated less when no music or slow music was played, a variation that suggests
the kind of music you listen to can distract drivers and make them less alert. Findings that make Brodsky recommend listening to slow tempo music at lower volumes, if you wish to drive safe.

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