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Friday, February 03, 2006

Music Enriches Our Lives

Have you ever paused to think what life would be without music,melodious sounds that bring such depth and richness to our lives? Music,which we have come to take so much for granted,is made up of pleasant sounds, sounds capable of initiating total healing by bringing into sync and resonance all disharmonious sounds.As atoms, molecules,cells,glands and organs all have their own particular vibrational frequency; outside sounds have the power to stimulate the cells, glands and organs of our body to vibrate in harmony with them.

Music or songs sung convey moods and emotions, for example, a mother softly crooning to her baby rocks the infant to sleep. Unable to understand the lyrics of the song, yet, the baby feels the love in its mother's voice. Alternatively, aggressive chants at football or other matches directed at opposing supporters and their team tend to intimidate.

Similarly, when two objects vibrate and resonate at the same frequency,there are no discordant notes. Music helps to get mind, body and soul sound frequencies in sync, and as the body's sound frequencies match that of our environment and the universe, natural healing takes place.When our body forms a rapport with external sounds, our muscles relax,tension is released as stress slips away.

Music is useful in helping people get in touch with their emotions.If you have experienced deep trauma, music can help free painful emotions,and release a flood of lightness and joy, a feeling of intense release.Combined with healing therapies such as massage,music relaxes and improves mind and body functions, as structural imbalances in the body align and correct themselves.

Dr. Julie Trudeau is a trained therapist who has put together special digital music sounds to bring listeners to a state of harmony and health. Sound vibratory frequencies that the ear, conductor of our entire nervous system hears, and uses to control the body's sense of balance,rhythm and movement.Put on a track of Dr.Julie's specially selected harmonious sounds to enjoy the pleasures of life as they should be enjoyed. Let her digital music sounds enrich and pleasure your life!


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