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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Music Therapy: Experience the Magic

Music has the power to exert considerable influence over us,it reduces stress, pain and anxiety, it is the great mystery that connects us with our soul,it has a powerful effect on the human mind and body.Music is made up of sound vibrations as is everything in our universe. As Dr.Andrews, a chemistry expert puts it:"We are finding that the universe is composed not of matter but of music."

A study investigating the emotional and physiological responses of patients due to undergo plastic surgery, found after 30-minutes of listening to taped music, the patients pulse rate, mean arterial pressure, systolic and diastolic blood pressure steadied,they felt relaxed and calm. Music anaesthetised patients into feeling less pain during labour or at a session with the chiropractor or during an operative procedure. Music calmed colicky infants into refraining from constant crying, while pain thresholds at the dentists increased,as the stress and tension on hearing the sound of the dentists drill was minimised when soft music was played in the background.

Dr. Julie Trudeau advocates a set of digital music sound vibrations whenever, you find yourself anxious, tense or stressed out. Her selected tracks of digital music will have a calmingly soothing effect on your emotional and physiological state. Put on a CD from Dr. Julie's range of digital music and experience the pleasurable feeling of being in sync with the sound vibrations of the universe!


At 8:11 AM, Blogger Monica said...

Great! Music is therefore an excellent therapy. A touch of music in one’s life makes a really big difference.Buy drum online.


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