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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Music Therapy: Of Raagas And More

A great healer, from Europe to Asia, music has been used to treatment ailments of the mind, body and soul in all the different cultures and societies that inhabit the world. And, today, even modern medical research is proving the many beneficial effects music has on plant,animal and human life.

Recent scientific studies show how music can be used to treat stress,anxiety, high blood pressure (hypertension), Alzheimer's disease, substance abuse problems, acute and chronic pain, heart attacks and cerebral strokes.

Evolving through several thousands of years,Indian classical music is the most ancient of musical traditions to influence the music of the world.People of the Indian sub-continent have for centuries used music,not only as a method of entertainment,but as a method of treatment,integral to Ayurveda,the ancient Indian medical tradition.Defined by two basic elements,Indian classical music consists of the Raaga (classical mode) and Taala (specific rhythm).Raaga has manyaspects to it,such as, scales, notes which are associated with particular times of the day, only be played at its prescribed time.Certain sets of scales and notes are meant to be played only in the morning, the afternoon or the evening i.e. dgmorning raaga, afternoon, evening raaga, and so on.

Those who enjoy Indian classical music have found it relieves stress and anxiety, controls blood pressure, and thereby reduces cardio-vascular illnesses like heart attacks and cerebral strokes, as well as, having a beneficial effect on various other conditions. Proven by generations ofSouth Asia, it has found many users world wide. Affecting the minds and emotions, there is no doubt that music exerts a powerful influence on the human body.

Dr.Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist, firmly advocates the use of digital music to overcome depression, cure anxiety attacks,bust stress and many other physical ailments.Skilled and knowledgeable about digital music cures,tracks of her specially selected sound vibrations are guaranteed to work their magic as they soothe,calm and heal.Begin or end your day with a morning or evening full of raagas!


At 12:06 AM, Blogger Manu Mahajan said...

I've always thought music can really help you calm when you're feeling any kind of extreme emotion or anxiety but the idea that music can really be used as a form of treatment is very fascinating...

I'm working on developing a web site on Ragas and Indian classical music. you have given me the idea of including the healing aspect of music as a separate section....

visit me at

At 6:56 AM, Blogger Monica said...

I use RAV Vast music therapy all the time it helps me focus concentrate majorly when I use the therapy. Everyday I listen to music and my thoughts are clear. RAV Vast are my music therapy caisa drum.


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