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Monday, February 13, 2006

Music Therapy: Raising Your Immunity

Music, beautiful music that haunts our memories,is also music with the magic power to heal, cure and elicit different emotions from the depth of our being, depending on what we are listening to. Goldman and Gurin working on psycho-immunology reveal each and every organ of our immune system is made up of nerve fibres providing biological communication between nerve endings and the immune system. In short,there is a direct link between a person's thoughts, attitudes, perceptions,emotions and the health of the immune system. This means music bestows on us, the power to be proactive in maintaining the health of our body,mind and spirit. It empowers us to tap into the innate knowledge that resides deep within our cells, simply by listening, playing or creating music.

Music nourishes and enriches our lives in so many ways, inspiring us,relaxing us, energising us; in short it has immense healing power, a power that can keep us in the prime of health. Everywhere, our universe is a symphony of sounds interacting and vibrating together, music is the energy pulse that courses in and through everything via sound vibrations.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has some marvellous tracks of digital music sounds that can alter the state of your mood and your health. Her digital music tracks can put to flight the demons that plague you, ensure you enjoy good health and make you enjoy an unbearable lightness of being. Put on a CD of her wonderfully healing sounds to experience a top to toe feeling of well-being. Dr. Julie Trudeau has the answer to all your musical needs!

Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect, says that music can be delicate and quiet, but never sedentary. Even a tone that extends for hours at a time, unvarying, carries a pulsing wave that affects our mind and body at many levels. What we bring to each sound is also of vital importance to our well-being. He goes on to say,"You, the listener,determine the final impact: You are an active conductor and participant in the process of orchestrating health through the listening process."

Felix Mendelssohn once said, "Music cannot be expressed in words, not because it is vague but because it is more precise than words."


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