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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Music Therapy: Sound Meditation

If you are a believer in holistic medicine,then certainly,music therapy will appeal to you. You don't have to gulp down those awful anti-depressants or stress relievers, simply turn on the music,to find yourself relaxing,as the enchantment of music works its magic on mind,body and spirit.

After an exhaustingly, tiring day at work,reduce stress and fatigue by meditating to the harmonious sounds of music.A magical combination,music and meditation enable one to connect with one's higher self.A higher self where energy,creativity and inner awareness are a natural state of being.You will find it a useful exercise,as the purpose behind meditation is to enrich all aspects of life i.e. body,mind and spirit.With its origins in the ancient Vedic tradition of India, music sound meditation will allow you to experience a quieter, more peaceful level of mind, the perfect antidote to modern stress,anxiety and depression attacks.

Dr. Julie Trudeau, a trained therapist has some marvellous tracks of digital music to help you connect with the deeper aspects of your consciousness.Take your pick from her selection of specially chosen digital music sounds for a relaxing session of sound meditation. Begin
to enjoy a stress and anxiety free life with the added bonus of perfect physical and mental well-being.


At 11:58 PM, Blogger Monica said...

The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lot of great information about how Music Therapy get you relaxed. Steel hand drums. Thanks.


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