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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Music can make a big difference in terms of the general well-being of an individual’s state of mind and health as a whole. Through research, listening to music has been known to ease stress, encourage better sleep, and even help manage depression. When you listen to your favorite music at least once a day while driving, at work, or even washing dishes, has a profound positive effect on your well being . Choose your own favorite songs that make you happy or smile to play on player. It not only relaxes you, but adds joy to your day.

Be it going out to a night club, or just cranking up the radio at home, dancing is a great aerobic activity that can raise your spirits. It’s well known that ballroom dancing is good for your health though you don't have to hit the dance floor to appreciate the health benefits of a good tune.
According to researchers, taking time out to sit back and listen to your favorite music can reduce anxiety levels tremendously as well as acting as a mild painkiller. This music therapy does work on the fact that music engages on an emotional level distracting the listener, unlike other stimulants. And the best part is that it doesn't matter what type of music it is either as long as you like it!
It’s so simple to get the ball rolling, all you need is to set aside an hour or two each week dedicated to your favorite music. You will be surprised how much positive change it’s capable of.

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At 8:00 AM, Blogger Monica said...

The relaxation music helps you to calm your mind and body. It helps us to relax our mind from the daily stressors. This type of music is especially created by the therapists. My music therapy is celtic b.


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