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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Different Levels of Music Therapy

Music therapy is always a two-way process. This is why tape recordings are no substitute for the human contact of the music therapist, even though they often can provide some measure of comfort or relaxation. Music therapy goes beyond comfort to become active communication. The music is always more than just notes that are played or the words that are sung, it is a bond of intimacy between the therapist and the patients. The music therapist carefully chooses music suited to each individual situation, on a number of simultaneous levels:

1.Cultural: Music from the patient's own cultural or ethnic background gives the patient a sense of familiar surroundings, decreasing feelings of isolation and "institutional depression." A music therapist must therefore be familiar with music from many different cultures.

2.Emotional: Music is selected to show recognition of emotions the patient is experiencing. For example, if the patient is sad, do I sing a sad song to let the patient know I understand, or a happy song to help the patient feel better? For example, sometimes going right to a happy song only helps patients (and more often, family members) avoid dealing with difficult feelings. Other times, however, it can meet a genuine need for relief from grief or depression.

3.Psychological: Emotional issues not only depend on what the patient feels, but also with the patient's relationship with others. Patients may experience a whole range of reactions, including feelings of isolation, depression over the prospect of death or the loss of independence and control, guilt over failing to meet familial responsibilities, anger at self or at others. Any of these issues can be expressed and dealt with through music, which may be less threatening to the patient than trying to discuss them directly.

4.Spiritual: Music is often used by therapists to strengthen a patient's faith or help patients find and strengthen their inner resources. no traditional religious background. At this level music therapy becomes a form of pastoral care. Sometimes I work more with the family members than with the identified patient. I work on several different levels at once, singing to the patient a song whose real intent is to help heal the anxiety of the family members who are present. Or I may just play directly for the family member, to offer some relief from stress. Sometimes the object of music therapy is the room itself. The air in the room can become filled with the fears and tensions of patients and visitors. There is no "all-purpose" music for this. I sang some hymns from their church, which they all knew, which united their spirits, and which allowed them to perceive the patient's wordless gestures of response.

Sometimes music therapy brings families together and often goes where words no longer reach. Music is a direct communication between the patient and the therapist, even when words are useless. The deepest level on which music therapy works is the spiritual. For those who identify this meaning with God, there is plenty of online digital religious music which can be downloaded to meet an individuals needs.
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