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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Music: An Essential for Relaxation

Music is said to be a universal language that is capable of uniting people irrespective of their color, language, race or religion. It’s also well-known that Music promotes relaxation, relieves anxiety and stress, and treats depression. Music also improves the physical and mental functioning. It also crosses the boundaries of hospitals and research facilities. Relaxation Music has endless benefits that are therapeutic in nature and useful to many people around the world and it’s available online. The following are some of the most important:
*It relieves you from job related stress, strain and fatigue at your work place.
*It helps you relieve yourself from anxiety.
*It helps the pregnant ladies to remain calm during their pregnancy period and it’s also a Stress management technique which prevents the passing of stress and strain to their babies.
*It reduces the chances of getting Hypertension.
*It helps you to enhance learning, improve social skills.
*It helps you to improve emotional well-being in healthy children and adults.
*It also helps in recovering from brain injury.
*It helps patients suffering from disabilities such as mental health needs developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, aging related conditions, substance abuse, physical disabilities, Acute or chronic pain.
Relaxation Music, for example Inner Peace Music, slows down the heart rate, slows down the breathing, and slows your thinking, enabling you to reach really deep levels of rest and peace. Here are some excerpts from various studies about music and its effect on our lives.
Adults who listen regularly to Meditation Music reported feeling less fatigue and depression after just six weeks of regular listening. And their levels of cortical, a stress hormone in the blood, dropped significantly. Further, this effect lasted for seven weeks after the listening study ended.
According to some studies, gentle, slow, relaxing, soothing music has a stunningly positive impact on learning, creativity, and memory.
Doctors use soothing music in the neonatal unit to calm premature babies. This allows all their energy to be used for growing and not be wasted on fretting and crying. The records there show that babies who have listened to soothing music are often discharged days earlier than others who have not had the benefit of music.
Dr Julie Trudeau invites you to enjoy her online music, natural health products and her love affair with the philharmonic vibrations of the Music of the Spheres. Buy digital Music created by her and enjoy the difference.
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