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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Music Therapy for Autism Patients

Activities and techniques incorporating music stimuli play potentially rich and varied roles in therapy for people with autism. Relaxation Music therapy techniques can, for example, facilitate and support the desire to communicate ; break patterns of isolation and engage an individual in external experiences ; reduce echolalic responses impeding functional language use ; decrease stereotyped motility patterns ; teach social skills and facilitate increased language comprehension .
Music therapy provides relation with an instrument which could have been an obstacle. Digital Music and musical experiences provide immeasurable kinds of relationships which can be the key to successful therapy with autistic persons. As an individual progresses and relationships begin to form, music therapy provides an effective means of teaching social skills as well. With Free Music Download available online, it can be highly effective in shaping and reinforcing appropriate, social behaviors. Autistic people perceive sounds more easily or readily than verbal approaches. The awareness of digital music in relation to the individual's own actions motivates communication.
As the autistic individual begins to display communicative responses, music can be used to encourage speech and vocalizations. Music therapy has also proved useful in reducing instances of noncommunicative speech patterns which impedes progress in learning functional language skills. Being one of the relaxation techniques, use of Music is initially aimed at decreasing these behaviours, or breaking stereotyped motility patterns.
The autistic individual can begin to exercise perceptual processes, and learn to relate to tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation through manual exploration of instruments. The positive effective responses of these individuals enhance their participation in other activities designed to facilitate social, language, and perceptual-motor functions. Music therapists contend that their Inner Peace Music settings are conducive to ensuring that the client is deriving pleasure from the experience. Therapy is not just a process of using an individual's strengths to improve his or her weaknesses; it is also a process of refining and improving the individual's strengths. For those autistic individuals demonstrating an aptitude for digital music, the world of online music can provide a socially valued arena for the expression of competence and the attainment of self-worth.

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