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Monday, July 03, 2006

Music Therapy Helps Sick Babies

Researchers found that music therapy helps sick babies in intensive care in maintaining normal behavioral development, making them less irritable, upset and less likely to cry. Research on 40 infants, divided into three groups: those hospitalised and receiving music therapy; those hospitalised and not having music therapy; and healthy babies, cared for at home, without music therapy. The hospitalised infants who received music therapy had up to 12 sessions of the therapist gently singing to them and touching them in a way that directly related to the therapist's perception of the social needs of the babies.

It was found that music therapy supported the infants' behavior - these infants maintained the same levels of irritability and crying that they had at admission.
Meanwhile, those babies who did not have music therapy deteriorated in their irritability and crying behavior - coping less with their hospitalization as time went on. The babies who received music therapy used up less energy compared with the babies who did not receive the therapy. If a baby is less irritable and cries less, this has implications for rate of healing and weight gain, two significant factors which contribute to the length of a hospital stay.

Music has the ability to repair and encourage health and harmony to an extent that there is an entire field called music therapy. Studies have shown that music therapy is effective in relieving anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation and treating depression. Music therapy allows people with emotional problems to explore feelings, make positive changes in mood, practice problem solving, and resolve conflicts. It has been used successfully by mental health institutions during group therapy sessions.

The healing effects of music therapy are not only limited to mental health but also patients with burns, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Music therapy strengthens communication and physical coordination skills, as it improves the physical and mental functioning of those with neurological disabilities or developmental disorders. Those with learning, speech and hearing problems may also find music therapy helpful.

Music therapy reduces the need for medication during childbirth and complements the use of anesthesia during surgery and dental work, especially when children undergo medical and surgical procedures. It is useful in newborn care of premature infants. Aside from these acute situations, music therapy helps ease chronic pain.

Music therapy improves the quality of life for terminally ill patients and enhances the well-being of the elderly, including those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. It has been used to complement the treatment of AIDS, stroke, Parkinson's and cancer. At the same time, music therapy is useful in the support of the families and caregivers of such patients.

Music therapy can be as involving or as simple as the situation warrants. The main thing is just to get started. Practicing music therapy may well be the way to start your own healing and peaceful revolution!
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