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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The positive power of music

Music has its own special magic attached to it. It can make you dance, sing , smile or cry. It calms , relaxes,manages stress, gives inner peace and comforts many, and once someone said it even has the ability to sooth even a savage beast. One of the major uses of music is its application in music therapy. In music therapy, music is used to address physical needs such as aerobics, emotional needs such as relaxation,cognitive, and social needs of people from all walks of life as well as all ages.

Music has the ability of touching people beyond mere words. Even before we are born, we are exposed to a heartbeat and the wonderful liquid sounds in the womb, and therefore babies are conditioned to music before they are even born. Music does have a way of taking what we think or feel and give it a voice. This is one of the most effective ways that music helps in the healing process. Instead of keeping what you're thinking and struggling and being challenged by inside and it having its internal struggle, it can be put into words that are sung. Music also does help those with speech impediments such as stuttering.

Due to the predictability in the rhythm of the music, its pretty easy to know what it's going to take rhythmically to sing and your brain adjusts in that way and is able to accommodate the lyrical, melodic and rhythmic flow of the music because your brain can predict what is going to happen. Music has a vast variety of ways in which it demonstrates positive power, it has the power to uplift us, give us inner peace, manage our stress, relax us, help us meditate and has the power to inspire us. All in all, music has the power to communicate to the soul in ways that words alone can not.

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