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Monday, April 25, 2005

Different Faces of music

Music has been defined as generally as "organised sound" . A general definition may best be defined as "sounds and pitches organized in time to create a chosen artistic. Music is both an art and a craft, based on acoustic principles, Music is perhaps the best way to express thoughts. And the best way with that we can share our feelings . various types of music are available like : classical, pops, sad music, occasional music. Music is important in all aspects of life..Music relates deeply to the soul of the people, revealing different emotions and moods that are connected to specific times of day and seasons of the year. Two main categories of music are folk music and classical music. These two categories share some musical characteristics, but they are performed by different classes of people. Classical music is enjoyed and performed mostly by members of the upper class. Folk music is enjoyed and performed by people from many different cultural classes all over the world , from towns and villages to the countryside. Additionally, pop music and music for films can be heard broadcast on the streets and in homes and restaurants throughout world. there are seven svaras or suras. These seven svaras are Sadja, Rsabha, Gandhara, Madhyama, Pancama, Dhaivata, Nisada (or Nikhada). Seven abbreviated forms of these are Sa R Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni or seven Sargams, commonly known as Sa Re Ga Ma Pd Dhd Ni. And best way to get relief.


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