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Monday, May 02, 2005

Light of the Soul

There is only light in this world, one who follow this does not walk in darkness but get light of life. The “light of life.” The illumination of a life truly worth living. In a world that is soaked in darkness, steeped in war and murder and pain and loss and deceit. In place of fear, there is confidence. In place of pain, there is comfort. In place of despair, there is hope. Only the Light of soul reveals such a life. Only this light is bright and pure enough to light our life with this power. Living your light means fearlessly radiating presence, passion, and purpose. Shining your wholeness and integrity in every domain of your life. Light is information. It brings the unknown into form. Once we have a shape, a context, then we are able to create our lives from an in-formed perspective. This creation is love in action. It takes courage to live your light. And it's the path to personal freedom–and joy.

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