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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Love affair with The Music of the Spheres

Alternative music solo instrumental & spoken word recording artist, personal trainer & internal medicine doctor Julie Trudeau invites you to ENJOY & sample online music natural health products to JOIN her love affair with the energizing phi harmonic vibrations of the Music of the Spheres! She plays the exquisite SONIC RAINBOW SIREN phi harmonic musical instrument of vibrational attunement, scientifically accenting her healthy living audio adventures & creating musical vibrational sculptures, CONNECTING our personal & immediate vibrations to the inaudible & inexhaustable sonic reservoir of the Music of the Spheres, being the unlimited creative vibrations of Nature, to easily & almost effortlessly energize our lives with HARMONICS - the science of music! As we listen to music & allow the phi harmonic vibrations to penetrate & energize mind body spirit in us, we UNITE with the revitalizing sonic reservoir of the magnanimous Music of the Spheres, in which our biology & all life thrives! In this way, we effectively enhance our healthy lifestyle routine using the fun, listening simplicity of HARMONICS - the science of music!

Effortlessly allow the Sonic Rainbow Siren to penetrate & organize the molecular structures of your physical body with its specific, phi harmonic vibrations, designed to stimulate greater harmonious biological & metabolic action, inner harmony & creative consciousness for overall wellbeing. Also used to purify the vibrations of a room or crank it up to cleanse the whole house of non-creative or dis-harmonious vibrations.

The Sonic Rainbow Siren synchronizes our personal vibrations & environment, with the ever present [ phi harmonic ] Music of the Spheres at the vibrational levels of our whole selves - at all the molecular, fluid & gaseous or ethereal states, keeping our whole, ever integrating vibrational selves & environment in tune & flowing with the continual phi harmonic vibrations & light geometries the magnanimous Music of the Spheres generates. These constant, inaudible phi harmonic vibrations are generated by the actual friction of the continual movement of the planets, determining our Earth's and as a reflection - our own energetic, vibrational make up.

It is this creative - recursive - or self sustaining, natural phi harmonic pattern - that gets distorted within our own spirit, mind & body as well as our environment - over time - by the dissapating, more gross vibrations of certain man made machinery and man made thought forms. It is this natural phi harmonic geometry flow we are wanting to preserve & promote, why there is a growing awareness of shielding ourselves and homes with various devices from the man made artificial energies that may interfere with our natural life force energies and metabolic processes over time. The Sonic Rainbow Siren helps to promote and preserve this self sustaining, recurring, natural phi harmonic pattern within ourselves and our immediate environment, powerfully contributing to our overall Spirit, mind & body organization and wellbeing and the resulting blissful living every NOW!

Just listening to the truly sensational Sonic Rainbow Siren's, delightfully tingling vibrational resonance frequencies, is an easy way for anyone to be in personal, active harmonious attunement with the Music of the Spheres, or the pure vibrational energetic patterns of sound & light, in our immediate cosmos, which exists beyond Human primary sensory perception. The Music of the Spheres can be conceived of as sub-audible, ever parading & all encompassing delicately exquisite, geometric ocean of creative, harmonious, sound & light energy grids, generated by the continual friction generated by the dynamic sum total of planetary spin, ever gracefully floating around us, our planet & beyond.

Dr. Julie invites everybody to be nourished in Spirit, mind & body - by GETTING IN TUNE with the natural creative, phi harmonic flow & pattern of Life with the help of the Sonic Rainbow Siren vibrational attunement instrument!


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