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Friday, June 10, 2005

Music – Give Unexpected Benefits

Music is a major form of communication. It enables everyone to express thoughts and emotions in a fun and enjoyable way. It has the power to excite and delight or to calm and relax. It is a gift that enriches lives and reap many unexpected benefits. The importance of music is its power to transcend time, emotion, culture, and language as we connect with others. Like food and water, music has nourished man for generations. Music also brings us together when we are in times of uncertainty. Like water, music takes the shape of whatever space it occupies, leaving the listener to choose what form it takes. Like food, music has the power to nourish - to nourish the souls of innumerable listeners as well as the souls of countless musicians who have shared the event of music for ages. Going beyond time, emotion, language, and culture, music is the most powerful bond in a world in great need of harmony.

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