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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Effects of music: Auras of music

Beating of drums, teasing of strings, typing of synthesizer keys cannot just make music. No, it’s much more than that indeed. And why because music is different from noise or lets say it’s the orientation of noise. Noise and music both have diverse effects. Noise has a destructive effect whereas music has a constructive effect. Music appeals aesthetically to the senses. Music brings about an effect to nourish the mind. Music has the power to replenish our exhausted senses. Music is an art which plays a great role in out day to day life. We wake up by the music of out alarm clocks. if these are mere sharp sounds. We get up irritated .Much in the same way; soothing music has a calm effect that takes us to sleep easily. Music has a magical effect that can bloom a depressed mind. Music has a fantasizing effect. It allows our mind to travel to places we've never been to. Hence, effects of music can never be underweighted in anyone's life. It can have different effects at different moments of our lives.

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