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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Music - An Stress Management Technique

Music can be an effective tool for stress management. Music has a very calming influence. It has more to do with psychology than entertainment. It has been known for centuries that music can be therapeutic and there are many references in art and literature that attest to its soothing qualities. The therapeutic capabilities of music have been proven many times over and its success as a stress management tool is well documented. Thus with music it is possible to minimize the disturbing and unhealthy effects of stress, anxiety and burnout. Those who suffer from the unpleasant, unbearable and unhealthy conditions of stress, music can do wonders to them. Music therapy is an effective stress management technique. It possesses the ability to put our hearts and minds at ease and in so doing, facilitates entrance to a clearer understanding of ourselves, reality and finally....inner peace. Similarly everyone has got different tastes in music. Listen to the music that you feel comfortable. Sitting down and forcing yourself to listen music which you don’t like is of no use. Music, thus, must be and should be created and listened that is compatible with and beneficial to the humans.

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