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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Healing Power of Music

Music is suitable for relaxation and meditation. Digital music helps in reducing the perception of pain by providing sensitive and creative interventions. These interventions proffer severe and unremittingly or mentally ill children the chance to learn, express themselves, and interact with their family and peers and, simply, relax and enjoy. Even parents and siblings can join the fun and experience the benefits provided by the strong melody, and a circular pattern of the music, that gives enjoyment both musically and in the energizing effect on the listener. Music therapy can be a healing influence and stress-reliever as by the synthesis of sound, light and energy. Studies have shown that music can influence heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, pain perception, physical health and well-being of an individual. Divine or the spiritual music brings with it intense and lasting harmony. Music is something that has put people, in touch with their innermost. Different kind of music works upon different emotions of an individual, and releases the various incomplete emotions leading towards a total healing of body, mind and soul.


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