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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Importance of Music in Life

MUSIC in today’s life is essential. Without music the world would be a very quite place. Music is the perfect art. Music does not restrict the audience in the way that movies or graphic art does. The listener can create whatever image she or he wants to when listening to music. By listening to music one can start its day and gets the brain flowing in the morning. This is an essential part of life as listening to music in the morning helps calm down whenever things get hectic during the day. Music governs the life everyday. Thousands of people are treated for cancer every year, and recovering from serious procedures can be grueling and painful. However, studies show that music eases the recovery of individuals who have undergone bone marrow transplants to treat cancer.

The understanding of music thus finally depends neither upon technical knowledge nor upon convention, but upon the listener’s immediate and familiar experience of it.

The primary cause of death in the US is heart disease. Music therapy can help in the prevention of this pervasive set of disorders that affect all population groups alike. Research already supports the use of music to modulate heart rate and blood pressure, to enhance exercise programs, and to relieve stress symptoms. So music is very important in life.


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