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Monday, August 01, 2005

Music as a medicine

Career, children, home, job pressure, workload………..and the result is stress. Stress has become an inexorable part of everybody’s life. The question is not how it comes, as it is unavoidable, rather how to manage it. Though it is not at all possible to get rid of it completely but of course, one can lessen it and the most stress-free technique is listening to music. It does not include heavy workouts at gym or meditating for so long. What one has to do is to just turn on some nice music according to one’s taste. What is advisable to listen calming and classical music. Thousands of albums nowadays are being made especially to recover from stress. Music fills your world with peace and serenity. Thus music can be an efficient and pleasing stress management tool.

Hey where are you going……what….playing some music.

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